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That was the Week that Was (Feb 12-16 2024)


Monday Feb 12:


Reports today say Postecoglu won't be joining us at the end of the season. In other news, I can confirm that I won't be taking up a membership at Augusta National. Seriously, how the fuck is he even being linked with the job? Because he's a fan? So are all of you reading this and you won't be getting the job either. Ok, I'm being flippant as he's clearly got something about him, but that's not anywhere near enough to be qualified for this job. If we appointed him I'd be fucking livid. I don't care for that guy.


I've been watching loads of tactical analysis videos of Alonso's Leverkusen and I'm all in on this. I was even before I'd seen all the tactical stuff, but that was based on the fact he's Xabi Alonso, he's top of the Bundesliga and he's taken a team from 2nd bottom to being unbeaten in all comps this season. I knew very little about how he'd done it.


Now that I've seen what he's actually doing, fucking hell. It's proper high end, ahead of the game shit. He's not unbeaten because he's got the best players, it's because he's got the best tactics and motivational skills. Some of his key players were free transfers like Xhaka and Grimaldo. He's got another lad who was at Southampton and Burnley and pulled up no trees. He hasn't done this by buying boss players, he's done it by coaching.


There was another team that took it to Bayern Munich in similar fashion in recent times. You might be familiar with their manager.... This is the biggest no brainer decision any club could ever make. Don't overthink it, this is just so obvious.


Of course there's risk involved and none of us can know how it would turn out, but there's risk with any appointment as there are never any guarantees. You just have to make the decision that gives you the best chance of success, that's all you can do. And if it doesn't work, there's no regrets because you made what was the best decision you could have made at that time with all of the information available to you.


It's almost like the NFL draft in some ways. The Bears have the number one pick this year and there are a lot of arguments going on about what they should do. There's a quarterback available who is being touted as a generational talent and half the teams in the league would kill to get him. He might turn out to be a flop, but if you don't take him you'll always be kicking yourself in case he becomes what the experts are saying he could be.


We're in that unique situation this summer. We've basically got the number one pick in the draft as we're in a position where we can choose ANY manager we want (nobody is turning down this job, it's the most attractive available job in the world other than maybe Real Madrid, but I just don't see Xabi wanting to join them over us at this point in his career). Alonso is the clear stand out star of the draft, yet you've got people suggesting we pass on him and take De Zerbi, the Sporting fella or even Eddie fucking Howe (ok, that was Agbonlahor who said that so it doesn't count).


If we took anybody else other than Alonso the risk would be much bigger than giving it to him and it's a decision we might live to regret forever. Like when the Bears traded up to draft Mitch Trubisky instead of Patrick Mahomes. It takes years to recover from mistakes like that.

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The only thing I can see stopping Xabi coming here is Xabi himself. He may feel it's too big a step, a year or two too soon. Of course, on the other hand, he doesn't know when an opportunity like this will come up again. 

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Same logic applies to him. It's the best job he could get and if he doesn't take it then he'll always wonder 'what if' just like we would if we didn't appoint him.

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14 hours ago, Anubis said:

I’d like to think that was Klopp sending us a message that Xabi is a done deal.


Yeah, short of actually saying that, he couldn't have really given more of an impression that was the case. Calling him the best of the new crop only for us to then hire someone else would be quite embarrassing.

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What I am liking about the Klopp/Alonso situation. The circus surrounding the situation (all the media now deciding they have the inside track) hasn't affected performances at either club. We know Klopp, but speaks volumes for Alonso. 

Calm, motivation,  style, and fucking substance.

Simply we won't accept anyone else (least not straight away anyway).

He will be good at Madrid but will one of many short term successful managers. With us he will be on the honours banner and forever revered . He knows we treat our managers like God's and if there is any team out there better set for him right now I would love to see them.


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