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Van Dijk: FA Cup defeat is still fresh in our minds


Liverpool captain Virgil Van Dijk has spoken about the hurt that the squad felt after their heartbreaking extra-time defeat to Man United in the FA Cup.


Three weeks down the line and the league leaders are preparing themselves to meet their bitter rivals at Old Trafford once again and very keen to extinguish those bitter memories.


The cup defeat will arguably go down as one of the more infuriating in recent times as for most of the game, it seemed like the visitors were in control only for defensive sloppiness and lack of a clinical finish in the final third costing them dearly.


What added to the frustration from a fans point of view was that it was another game that this vastly superior outfit failed to clinch a victory at the home of their  beleaguered rivals.


But the beauty of Football is that it produces an opportunity to correct the record and that will occur tomorrow afternoon.


And going by comments from Van Dijk (per the Echo) they will carry that loss with them.


“Of course it is still fresh, it was very disappointing, losing is never good. Especially the way we lost that day, it's something that hurt in the 24 hours after the game.


“You want to go to Wembley, you want to go and play that semi-final, but we had to quickly switch to the national team.


“What do we need to do better? Win the game! They started the game well and got the crowd behind them and it gave them a push. Conceding the goal was disappointing but after that we controlled the game and scored two good goals and could have done better.


"But we kept them alive and they made use of it in the best way possible. That's credit to them but we are going there on Sunday to turn it around and make sure we get the three points.”




While the general consistency of Liverpool this season has been impressive, one thing they do need to rectify if they want to lift the league trophy is May is their record against other members of the current top six.


It currently sits at one win ( vs Aston Villa in Early September) four draws and two defeats.


With the fixture tomorrow along with games against Tottenham and Villa to come, it presents an opportunity to rectify that.


And you sense that is what Van Dijk is referring to when he mentions not focussing on the one opponent as to him and the team in general it is just one more hurdle on the way to potential glory.


“We want to win every game, that's the focus at Liverpool. We know how much it (Man United fixture) means and how big it is for the outside world but for us we are in a phase that we can't lose points so we are going there in order to get the three points.


“We have only one goal going there, to try and win the game, and we're going to give everything and we need everyone at their best. I think [composure] is key. In nervous moments, the crowd could get nervous, you want to rush things, that can be part of the game.


"The difference-maker will be being calm and making the right choices but still be full of aggression and going for it. I think we've been showing it already for a very long time that we have that quality and we have to keep doing it."



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1 hour ago, Anubis said:

No, what should be fresh in your minds, Virgil, is the Hillsborough chanting. Get this done.


There was a thing about tragedy chanting in BBC north west news last night. Obviously they don't mention who sung what as klopp spoke about it as well. But if you didn't know, you'd have thought we were the problem here. They focused on klopp's words, they focussed on a school in Huyton, there was passing mention of what seven hag said. And they had the fucking nerve to say it was a small minority. The whole thing is a piss take. 

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We've kind of been sterile domination merchants. Too many times have I felt we owe someone and we end up with an even more tepid performance than I'd of expected if we had no gripes.  


Have we shown how good we can be this season much, second half against City but still we do little with it. We are clearly a good team full of brilliant players but it doesn't feel like we are stepping up to our level. We need to be punched to react when most of these sides we faced should be getting knocked out in the first round. I dont even feel like this is entitled as many of these teams are getting buried by far weaker sides than us. 


It's frustrating because it's all there, we have grinded our way to top of the league in April we are so close I feel like I'm on the edge of a panic attack every match day but this slug fest football will cost us, starting games terribly week in week out will cost us. Its happening so often you think is this a tactic to give the opposition a sniff of blood so they push out! if it is its the most insanely risky tactic ever, so risky it's almost certainly not the case.


Of course we've been battered by injuries and this says a lot a few sides have, Brighton were missing loads the other day, it's unbelievable where we are but the available players are still ending games far better than how we start them. We've most of the time put out 11s against sides who can only dream of having such players.


I cant even take a step back and look at it rationally because it's such an emotional season that's tight and now 3 teams involved. Klopp fucking deserves his title parade, the club deserves to win infront of the fans and a premier league trophy as Klopps final act would be the ultimate in football romance. You love it and hate it.



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I would really love Klopp to just completely shut down the shithouse coverage of Hillsborough chanting and just say "United fans, in their thousands, sing about it every time we play them."


Kevin is right, I wouldn't let the cunts in Anfield. 

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