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  1. Rambo Rambo

    Everton (H) Premier League - 4/12/19 - 20:15

    Move to Australia and get Optus Sport. $15 a month and get every premier League, CL, EL and international games. Live or on demand. short highlights or 20 min highlights available a couple of hours after the game. I know moving is an extreme solution, but it’s summer at the moment and nice and warm.
  2. Rambo Rambo

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    I did for a spell. In my younger days I wanted Scotland to win, then ROI what with Aldo, Houghton, Whelan etc (I cheered Houghtons goal in 88 Euros!). Got a job with a few England followers and started going games when Wembley was shut. But I’ve slowly drifted away again. Get my Oz citizenship soon so will be following the Socceroos after that! (I have no real interest in internationals) Anyway, fuck the Wembley inbred Danny Dyer wannabes and up the fucking piss boiling reds.
  3. Rambo Rambo

    This Man City FFP stuff

    Think Utd and Arsenal did in the 90’s? Failure to control players maybe? Can’t remember. Only a point or two.
  4. I saw VVD for Celtic and thought he looked awesome them. I thought Joe Cole would be great for us.
  5. Tefal headed? You’re talking to a few of us from a certain vintage there. Unless the adverts have popped up again since my emigrating to sunnier climes?
  6. Rambo Rambo

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Do I need to be in private when I check that?
  7. Rambo Rambo

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    I’ll let others sort the montages out, view them, then bitch like fuck about why we haven’t signed them.
  8. Rambo Rambo

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    You Tube is strictly for poker, Liverpool fanzines (how old am I?!) and fetishes.
  9. Rambo Rambo

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    I’d consider looking for a top draw RB (no idea who as I don’t follow foreign football or play footy manager etc). TAA can then be used in the middle and provide great cover at RB.
  10. Rambo Rambo

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    It sort of reminded me of Diggers against QPR in 87. (One of my favourites)
  11. Rambo Rambo

    Your 3 favourite players in the squad

    Robertson. Must be on everyone’s list? Proper old fashioned pro that people can relate to, unlike the many academy graduate types. Mane. Great player we relied on for a season! Now he’s a great player in a team. Gini. Just think he’s very underrated. And he has a nice smile.
  12. Rambo Rambo

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Arsenal won by 7 points in 91. I think you’re getting confused with 88/89?