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  1. Gpo1004

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 (Aug 28 2021)

    I'm glad that Dave mentioned the Main Stand side linesman as he was doing my head in as well. Couldn't spot the blatant foul on Trent in the second half from a few yards but could see a slight deflection on the opposite side of the pitch from 30 yards or so away. You could see why the Chelsea players carried on the way they did and it had the desired effect. The three minutes injury time (not that we would have scored even if he had added on thirty three) summed it up. They spent so long time wasting in the second half yet none of it was added on.
  2. Gpo1004

    Featured: TLW Diary (Aug 2015)

    Brilliant. Made up the diary is carrying on as it was always one of the best parts of the fanzine. You are clearly onto something with FSG and BR as well...
  3. Gpo1004

    Other football

    It makes yesterdays result even tougher to take.