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  1. DaveTucker

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 3 (Apr 5 2019)

    What frustrates further is they've lost 4 fucking games this season and only 1 against the top 6. I thought when Palace, Leicester and Newcastle all beat them in relatively short space of time it would set a benchmark for teams to have a crack at them. Instead they've already revived their air of invincibility. Bizarre. Hopefully Palace will be buoyed by their previous win next Weekend.
  2. Good news for you Dave, you must have missed this in December...….. https://www.goal.com/en/news/smalling-signs-new-man-utd-contract-through-to-2022/124o8o2ewz7nm17tztx2o5671h
  3. DaveTucker

    West Ham 1 Liverpool (Feb 4 2019)

    Great report, I think we do just want it too badly for it to be enjoyable. If we win this one I'm sure I can enjoy seasons like this again for pretty much the rest of my life. Until we get that monkey off our back though this is how it will be. I think you're being kind to Bobby dropping him the same amount as Mo from last year. At least Mo is still top scorer in the league so must be doing something right although I agree he hasn't been the same. Bobby, with the exception of a few games (Arsenal the obvious one), has been terrible. This was beyond bad. What bothered me most wasn't that he was playing shit which is forgivable but that he kept nonchalantly trying flicks and backheels when simpler balls were on. That I can't forgive because it just wasn't needed, it was like he was playing an exhibition match. I know he's been moved deeper which has hampered him but we need him to step it up.
  4. Great read. Totally agree about Lingard. I've been sent some of the most cringeworthy clips imaginable of him lately. He's nowhere near good enough to be behaving like he does. Not that it would be acceptable for anyone. Even Ronaldo would wince. I think he just wants to be like Pogba (God knows why!). He's like the little loser in school who just bums the cool kid to try and live off scraps of popularity but then starts to think he belongs and becomes an odious bellend.
  5. DaveTucker

    Brighton 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 12 2019)

    The 100% record against the sides outside the top 6 is incredible. Also amazing that we've only conceded 3 goals all season to those teams with Cardiff, Burnley and Leicester being the lucky 3.
  6. DaveTucker

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 29 - Jan 2 2018)

    Great report! The hand over the mouth thing seriously does my head in. Did I miss a spate of instances where players got in trouble due to lipreaders as I can't even recall one yet everyone is at it. And why would you do it while talking to a ref? At least if you are talking to a player you may be calling him a cunt or worse but presumably he wasn't doing that to the ref.
  7. DaveTucker

    Liverpool 1 Everton 0 (Dec 2 2018)

    5 goals in 14 is scarily good. Mad to think only a few years ago we conceded 6 at Stoke.
  8. Kante or DeBruyne for me. Those pair and Naby in Midfield with what we already have and there would be no stopping us. I do really like Jorginho too. Was gutted we weren't in the running for him in the summer.
  9. Feel bad for belly laughing about that last line and pic!
  10. DaveTucker

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 11-13)

    Are you over Paul Walsh going short yet Dave?
  11. DaveTucker

    Roma 4 Liverpool 2 (May 2 2018)

    Totally agree Dave, I was buzzing for days after we put City out and couldn't wait for the journey to continue. I'm already nervous as fuck about the final though.
  12. DaveTucker

    Liverpool 0 Stoke 0 (Apr 28 2018)

    I know what you mean but I'm not sure we do have consecutive runs like that every year. 2014 aside. Usually things pick up and we look at a run of games against lower teams rubbing our hands and then royally fuck it up. Unfortunately we appear to have reverted to type in recent weeks but I'm a bit more optimistic we can get back on it once people are fit. The important thing is to strengthen well in the summer to hopefully avoid these blips in future.
  13. DaveTucker

    Liverpool 0 Stoke 0 (Apr 28 2018)

    Great report as ever. Very disappointing game but I do think we've made progress beating the dross in the second half of the season. Not counting decent sides since the West Brom cup defeat we had a run of:- 3-0 Huddersfield 2-0 Southampton 4-1 West Ham 2-0 Newcastle 5-0 Watford 2-1 Palace 0-0 Everton 3-0 Bournemouth Pretty impressive given excuses can be made for the Everton draw. I think the emergence of Oxlade Chamberlain in CM made a difference in a number of these games as his drive causes havoc and offers something different to our other midfielders. I think he was missed Saturday. Squad depth is also a major factor. We've been fortunate the front 3 have mainly stayed fit but it showed how much we suffer if we lose one. Now the midfield is also stretched we have a problem.
  14. DaveTucker

    Liverpool 2 West Brom 3 (Jan 27 2018)

    It's difficult not to worry when we've seen us hit these sudden slumps so many times before. There are numerous parallels with this time last season:- 1. Beat Man City and send the fanbase into euphoria. 2. Lose a key attacker and fail to replace him. (Albeit a temporary loss last season) 3. Labour to a 3rd round FA cup win against a team of losers ;-). 4. Lose in FA Cup 4th round at Anfield. Hopefully it ends there and this becomes a blip rather than a slump. I'm also not OK with not spending in January. Admittedly I'm hypocritical as we lauded Klopp's patience when we eventually signed Van Dyke and rightly so but I still think we could've signed another CB. Maguire for instance would have been relatively cheap and could have done a job. Depending on performance levels then he could either have played with Van Dyke or provide a useful option and we could have easily offloaded someone else to make up the cash. My concern is that we won't compromise on targets and would prefer to wait until the summer. Understandable to a degree but if we don't get top 4 as the squad is thin then we'll end up being forced into looking at plan Cs let alone plan Bs as the top players won't be interested.