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    Norwich 0 Liverpool 3 (Sep 21 2021)

    The Hendo sub baffled me. Robbo too to an extent but maybe after missing the weekend you could argue a few minutes would do him good. With Thiago injured what was the point risking Henderson albeit for a few minutes. Also Klopp must have a heart of stone not to give big Nat a run out. I just love the guy for what he did last year and whilst I accept 5th in the pecking order is correct he deserves at least a few minutes here and there as a reward for what he helped us achieve. It's not like he was shite but worked hard, he was excellent. And if you are ignoring Nat then Balagizi would surely benefit more from getting a run out.
  2. At least you didn't drop off!
  3. DaveTucker

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 21-23 2021)

    Great round up. Duffy was on loan at Celtic last year Dave which will be why you hadn't seen him for ages.
  4. Surprising that, it was all over my Twitter feed. They put out a video to commemorate fans who'd died of Covid. In the pictures was Anne Frank and in the list of names Mike Oxsmall and Faye Knews popped up.
  5. Any thoughts on the Everton Anne Frank, Mike Oxsmall debacle Dave?
  6. DaveTucker

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Semi Finals)

    Totally share your Mums hatred of Kane. He cheated like fuck in this game. Kept doing his backing in and falling down shit but it was glossed over of course. For my nerves I hope Italy smash them but it would be brilliant if they lost to a dodgy decision or an Italian dive.
  7. DaveTucker

    Premier League Round Up (May 15-19 2021)

    I'm sure we battered City a couple of days after they beat us in the league cup final too. It was the game that made Klopp say 'Boom'.
  8. DaveTucker

    Premier League Round Up (May 7-12 2021)

    You're right about the over the top praise for Dias. I'm not denying he has made a difference and is a quality player but they've only conceded 6 less than last year and there's still 2 games left. They are also only 2 points better off which could be 8 if they win the last 2. When you consider the lack of pressure they've played under this year it's hardly a remarkable turnaround.
  9. Cheers mate, I thought it seemed unlikely but he seemed convinced. Oh well, potential silver lining erased.
  10. Spot on Dave, fuck the cunts. A mate of mine who usually knows his stuff reckons if City and United win both European comps then 5th in Prem gets in CL. Not that I want them to win it as I doubt we'd get 5th but does anyone know if its true?
  11. DaveTucker

    Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1 (Apr 24 2021)

    Forward manages not to look incompetent twice in 90 minutes heroics.
  12. DaveTucker

    Liverpool 1 Newcastle 1 (Apr 24 2021)

    Totally agree, I hate myself for getting annoyed with these players but can't help it. Bobby played a pass near the end where he lazily lofted it in the air and we lost the ball. Poor execution but also braindead decision making which I just can't forgive. He's ruining his legacy and it hurts to say that as I've loved him for years. He can't even weight simple passes properly anymore though. It's bizarre that he can become so bad and Mane is exactly the same. They look like a couple of competition winners at the moment.
  13. DaveTucker

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    Not sure whether Bobby goes or stays. My point is if we can get a big fee for Mane it may be time to cash in. All 3 need replacing in the next few years so it might be wise to at least get a decent fee for one of them. Mo is still performing so I'd keep him around and Bobby hasn't been good enough for 2 seasons to command any sort of fee. Plus there's always a risk his dip in form may be permanent.
  14. DaveTucker

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    I know it's harsh because I love the guy but I'd cash in on Mane this summer while he's got some value left. Obviously providing we could use the money to help bring in a suitable alternative. The attack desperately needs freshening up. I wouldn't want to lose Mo and we ain't getting much for Bobby.
  15. DaveTucker

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 6-8 2021)

    I'd go Kane too for POTY but Gundogen may be a late contender the way he is going.
  16. DaveTucker

    Liverpool 0 Fulham 1 (Mar 7 2021)

    It's frightening how bad we are. I've never known a drop off like it. If the season started at Christmas we'd be in a relegation fight. On the plus side you must be close to being able to use copy and paste for these home games now Dave.
  17. DaveTucker

    Premier League Round Up (Feb 6-8 2021)

    We've taken 9 points from the last 27. Leicester must have the same feeling when they look at the table and think how are they only 3 points behind us.
  18. DaveTucker

    Manchester United 3 Liverpool 2 (Jan 24 2021)

    I like Thiago, he definitely has a lot to offer but he hasn't had the impact I'd hoped for but that's probably on me for expecting some sort of midfield messiah to instantly improve us. He's prone to diving in and giving away silly free kicks too which is frustrating. Although in his defence he probably watches the opposition and thinks its fine. It's like we are playing with one of those petty whistle happy European refs every game at the moment where you're urging the players to adapt and stay on their feet. The opposition have got an old fashioned ale house fucker who lets everything go only its the same fella.
  19. DaveTucker

    Liverpool 0 Burnley 1 (Jan 22 2021)

    I think it was Connelly. Not 100% though but I know Nico committed the foul. Well the 1st pen they had anyway, the 2nd was obviously Robbo on Welbeck.
  20. The keyboard warriors slagging players off really does my head in too. It is so idiotic to me that sometimes I wonder if they aren't real accounts and are rival fans acting like pricks to give our fans a bad name and unsettle players. Unfortunately that probably isn't the case and presumably other clubs suffer it too, especially the bigger clubs with more fans. One thing social media has highlighted is that there is a lot more twats in the world than I'd ever have imagined.
  21. DaveTucker

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 4 2021)

    I'm not one for conspiracies but there's something corrupt as fuck about the officiating this season. It's fucking awful without corruption but with VAR available you just can't legislate for some of the inconsistencies eg the term 'Clear and obvious' being thrown around when it suits yet some decisions get scrutinised to the nth degree and get overturned. Also, it was clever to be fair, but Hendo was clearly pushed backwards as they took the free kick thus playing Ings onside. It wasn't even mentioned on the TV (unless I missed it) but that's a really tight call if he's not shoved back.
  22. Klopp the last few weeks is the polar opposite of his Spitting Image character.
  23. DaveTucker

    Brighton 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 28 2020)

    Totally agree VAR is ruining the game. Last season I was 50:50 as I assumed they'd fine tune it but they clearly won't. On Saturday my 2 year old was messing about so I looked away from the screen for a second as Mane headed in so I allowed myself to celebrate wildly which I don't usually do these days. I soon realised why and it bloody hurt. From that moment I just knew we'd concede and sure enough we did. The problem is I was annoyed with myself for celebrating like I did without seeing the goal so I'll be even more cautious next time. The game is fucked if you take away the emotion of scoring a goal. It's what sets football apart from other sports where the are more 'scores' because a goal means more. It's why we tolerate nil nils.
  24. DaveTucker

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 8 2020)

    Great report as ever. I was irrationally annoyed with the fact someone (Shaq ideally) didn't have a blast with the last kick of the game. Prob too far out to expect anything but it was pissing down at that point so may have been spilled by the keeper or deflected. Certainly worth a go more than the pitiful effort that we produced.
  25. DaveTucker

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 3-4 2020)

    Wasn't Sakho the only man (At least at one point) you ever gave a 10 to in the ESPN match ratings? Gambling occasionally pays off I guess.