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  1. I can’t stand England but compared to loads England aren’t even close.
  2. Up there with Trump suggesting we drink bleach
  3. It’s full of hot Portuguese women. Take sunglasses.
  4. Still nothing on it. Vlads had us up the wall here
  5. he did a tribute to his mate Dario G maybe (hopefully) @VladimirIlyich has got crossed wires?
  6. They’ve hit the roof that the PL haven’t given them a home match for their last game of the season to say goodbye to Goodison properly. Instead they’ve got a relegation 6 pointer against Southampton before a trip to their arch rivals *checks notes* Newcastle
  7. Horrible. Haven’t watched it but just read that article. Hope there’s some heavy jail time dished out. Shithole
  8. The biggest problem is the amount of people it will appeal to.
  9. Jesus is it? Didn’t know that.
  10. Just the German bombers chant but I suspect they weren’t keen on getting filled in by Serbians. Let’s hope they keep it up.
  11. It’s the “get em out” stuff. Same as Brexit. Same as Johnson getting into office.
  12. Yeah she’s sound as a pound her
  13. Id like to see her before I decide if she’s annoying or not
  14. Defo ordered by numbers though
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