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  1. Lestat

    How do you get match tickets?

    I'm also nearing the end of a 22 year wait for a ST. I've reached the heady heights of position 1,277! The thing is, since I joined the list I've got married and have got two kids now (both boys, both well into their footy). We're all members and have started to build up our credits from scratch over the last couple of years (we lived abroad for a short while). The boys are obviously desperate to get to as many games as possible and we won't want to lose the loyalty they've built up, however, I don't know how this will work once I get my hands on a season ticket. Anyone else in a similar position - STH but have kids who are members? Is there a way we can all go together still, for example to the odd league game they get tickets for? I presume the ACS will be the only way we can guarantee it?
  2. Lestat

    Is Futsal Just 5-A-Side Without..,

    Smaller, heavier ball promoting close control and technical skills. We lived in Brazil for 3 years and both my boys (4 & 8 at the time) played futsal at school. Very fast paced to the point that the boys now seem to have loads of time on the ball back in the UK. Not sure about the agricultural language, it was all Portuguese to me!
  3. Lestat

    Other Teams' Kits 2014/15

    Flamengo away? Nice.
  4. Lestat

    Roberto Firmino

    I'm working in Brazil currently and can confirm he's not rated highly by a lot of people here. I have made it my mission to spread the Gospel according to St Bobby at every possible opportunity. I think it's a combination of only spending one season in Brazil at an unfashionable club (Figueirense), before moving to Hoffenheim - hardly well known when the kids here are only interested in the likes of Barca, Real, Bayern or PSG. He's not seen as a skillful player like Neymar or Coutinho, or a goalscorer like Jesus. Jo, on the other hand, experienced a bit of a renaissance last season, scoring in the big games that took Corinthians to the title. Whether it's coincidence or not, I've found it's the Corinthian fans that have been the most sceptical about Firmino.
  5. Lestat


    Disappointingly couldn't find a specific thread for Kenneth Mathieson Dalglish, so here we are. Sent shivers down my spine...
  6. Lestat

    Upcoming Films

    Which is loosely where the Captain America: Civil War storyline is derived from - governments fed up of clearing up after their mess introduce registration scheme...
  7. Lestat

    Oldham - FA Cup 3rd Round

    "The tie continued its ferocious start when Raheem Sterling scythed down M'Changama and Simpson followed in on Reds keeper Jones after he spilled a shot." http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/21106938
  8. Lestat

    Casey Stoney appointed to PFA Board

    Fixed that for you...
  9. Lestat

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The Lost Boys - 7/10 On the telly last night. Excellent, cheesy 80's entertainment that brought back many, many memories. The closing scene still makes me smile! I'm sure I've got the soundtrack in the loft somewhere on a C90...
  10. Lestat

    The MLB Thread

    Ah, I see, cheers. As simple as that eh? Health and safety gone mad.... ;)
  11. Lestat

    The MLB Thread

    Can anyone tell me the significance of the ski goggles please??? http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2013/10/31/1383198983624/6776eab9-f1ed-41db-8b75-b8b989c9612c-620x372.jpeg
  12. Can this revenue stream created by LCC be used to keep my lads LCC run Nursery open please? Thanks Joe, good lad...
  13. Lestat

    Manc's. Anfield Sunday 23rd 1:30pm

    From my seat on the Kop I thought that Evans had won the ball and that Scholes had cleaned out Sterling - looks like the complete opposite happened but it takes multiple viewings to come to a confident conclusion. Main thing that gets me though is why wasn't a free kick given against Lindegaard for handling the back pass? Seems pretty clear now but was probably lost amongst the penalty appeals at the time.
  14. Lestat

    Paul Dempsey on Setanta

    Who is Paul Dempsey? Never heard of him. Is he Clint's brother?
  15. Lestat

    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    Eh? This implies he could handle the football side of things, which he patently couldn't. He was a bumbling, embarrassing fool off the pitch but it was the way that he sent his teams out to "play" and refusal to recognise how that alienated the fans that did it for me. Blert.