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  1. This is actually from my kids elementary school... it doesn’t shock me given what they come home with for homework...
  2. ctkeepercoach

    Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

    Don't worry, Mane is going nowhere.
  3. ctkeepercoach

    Bournemouth Capital One Cup (H) 28/10/2015

    Inspired Stuff. But I meant ways to watch the game....
  4. Have tickets as well! Then car died in center of Bronx and I'm stuck at a repair shop... hope I get there...
  5. ctkeepercoach

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Nightcat in Making up shit Shocker ....
  6. ctkeepercoach

    World Cup slaaags

    How is it we're 10 days in and only have one page of pictures?
  7. ctkeepercoach

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Hoo hoo hooooo!
  8. ctkeepercoach

    Other football

    Chelsea did. Tonight was their third match.
  9. ctkeepercoach

    Liverpool Vs Celtic - 10/08/13 - Match thread

    Thought Downing should've come off for Sturridge at halftime. Would've been good to see Aspas, Sturridge and Coutinho all linking up as I think that will be a great threesome to see linking together.
  10. ctkeepercoach

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Costa has spanish passport. Not the paraguayan lad.
  11. ctkeepercoach

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    If they are all below a certain height do we get to play more than 11 players? Genius plan to exploit a bizarre Premier League loophole.
  12. ctkeepercoach

    Summer 2013 Transfer Thread

    Fox Soccer News in the US reported last night that Real Madrid had offered 20 Mil plus Higuain for Suarez. Is that getting any traction anywhere else? Not looking to start a panic, but hoped someone here might be able to shed some light.
  13. ctkeepercoach

    Champions League Final 2013

    Dortmund was my first game live and sparked my 'awakening' to football, so I have a vested interest in them. Psyched to see them get this chance especially as they are a model we could/should be following to return to the top (financially responsible, built from within, young up and coming manager etc...). Plus code wants Bayern, so that sealed it for me.