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  1. old skool tom

    Dear Rafa

    dear prudence
  2. old skool tom

    Dear Rafa

    i have to agree with you mate,especially as mash is our only other quality CM whos fit.(i hope this italian is quality otherwise were fucked!)
  3. old skool tom

    Dear Rafa

    TBF,20 years of PAIN takes its toll on a man
  4. old skool tom

    Skrtel Out For 2 Weeks - Cracked Jaw, Ouch!

    only seen kelly play for ten mins.anyone seen him for 5 games+? what are his strengths?
  5. old skool tom

    open letter to Nando

    well done rafa,hopefully hell be back to his best again! feel vindicated now good luck against stoke boys,lets make up for sunday with a good solid performance!
  6. old skool tom

    open letter to Nando

    i totally agree that he needs a partner who can help him! a tough target man in the mould of dean ashton for example.but rafa doesnt wanna play that way for some reason (tactics or lack of cash?) so hes got to accept it and just get on with it.and your spot on about what you would too say your defenders too mate,rough him up because hes mentally and can be put off his game quite easy.i dont understand how hes got like that though? in his first season he was a better fighter than SG & JC
  7. old skool tom

    open letter to Nando

    like someone said in reply to my OP the most impressive thing in his first season wasnt just his finishing,it was his attitude and work rate.he used to work his balls off putting the opp CBs under pressure like rushie in his pomp and fight for 90 mins.now he only does it when he can be arsed instead of every game.now its just usually at anfield were he knows hes got too graft and the odd away fixture. reply to some of your quotes "he might have personal problem etc?" well if thats the case,dirk still gave his all when his dad was dyin and if hes got probs,why doesnt he tell rafa and we can play someone whos gonna give 100% "he moaned first half against everton but then second half he was great and desroyed them" well imagine how good hed be if hed of done it in the first half to? are you brain dead mate? haha anyway come on nando lad! lets get back to player you were in your first seaon and rediscover that tough mentallity that we love and need more than anything right now!
  8. old skool tom

    open letter to Nando

    i appollogise for the shite spelling people...............but like i said above,i am from breck road so give us some slack eh? haha ps-didnt know you had too be billy shakespear too to join TLW! haha
  9. old skool tom

    open letter to Nando

    im not a manc twat mate,i live on breck (road) which is about a five minute walk from the ground.where are you from mate? if you totally disagree with me? sound! lets discuss it but swerve the childish insults eh? your actin like FT did on sunday........like a fanny not a scouser
  10. old skool tom

    Does anyone want to see Lucas go?

    anyone who thinks lucas will ever make a good liverpool player is deluded.hes an honest player but hes average.slow,cant tackle,head,dribble,create,defend or pass a ball to a red shirt over ten yards..........spearing and cattermole arent world class but they are much better players than lucas.get some dough for him,shake his hand for his effort and replace him.
  11. old skool tom

    Midfielders to replace Alonso if he goes.

    alonso had two good seasons out of four......his first and last..........plus i think hes good at home but goes missing away a bit.we dont need a passing play maker,we need a player who goes box to box and can score & create 10+ goals a season.am sure rafa could buy "a passer" & a "box to boxer" for £25-30m
  12. old skool tom

    A thread about a man named Xabi

    CHECK TODAYS ECHO "JOHNSON STORY" i think he is ready to offload him reading between the lines. can ya post the echo link someone? i cant do it yet.cheers:telloff:
  13. old skool tom

    A thread about a man named Xabi

    reading between the lines in tonights echo (aka the anfield gospel imo) its seems rafa has had a change of heart and will accept a 20-25m bid.have a look and see what you think folks (cant post the link unfortunately! its on the bottom of the "johnson story") personnally id take 25m for him cos if a player wants too leave and wont publicly commit his future to us? id take the cash and wish him luck in the future.be gutted if he went but rafa could easily find a replacement (maybe even two? as he bought alonso for 10m) and we can find a player whos head & heart is committed too the reds and chasin league number 19!
  14. old skool tom

    viva ronaldo! haha

    viva ronaldooooooooo decided to gooooo too a massive club with a european cup of there f##kin own! hahahaha
  15. old skool tom

    Moores Resigns!

    good luck dm.............ya mustnt have enough time to spend ya £80m ya made atfer selling us too bert and ernie! how do ya sleep at night lad?
  16. old skool tom

    Glen Johnson....

    stunned at the price!!!!!!!!!!! rather spend all our cash and other transfer dough (dossena,pennant & hopefully lucas?) on david villa which would make a huge difference to the team instead of a bit of a difference! hope am f##kin wrong but i think the surprising british summer has scrambled rafas bonce
  17. old skool tom

    Summer '09 Transfer Speculation Thread

    micah richards would be a perfect buy for £7-10m instead of johnson.better defender and can also play CB and DCM.hes had a bad 12 months but hes got the lot when hes 100%.............tho tbh i dont think FBs are a priority,all we need is a good replacement/competition for torres and a left sided player who can go past a man and deliver good balls into the box better than RB & AR...............were really close and if we adopt the all out attacking tactics at home for the whole season? then we will do what should of done last season and bring it back to our gaff for the 19th time
  18. old skool tom

    Official: Ronaldo gone to Real for £80m

    slur alex "i wouldnt sell them a virus!" hahahahahahaahha