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  1. ratcatcher

    United v Liverpool - match thread

    manchester has had hundreds of millions of pounds poured into it and its still a shithole. Even mansours near billion pounds hasnt changed much beyond a tiny area of eastlands. And the mancs have stolen many visitor attractions from other places, the football museum in particular. Why the fuck the BBC decided to site the 'media city' in salford, an area not particularly well served by road,one can only wonder.
  2. ratcatcher

    Declaring war on Rodgers

  3. ratcatcher

    United v Liverpool - match thread

    We're crap and made a crap team look good.
  4. ratcatcher

    Brian Hall

    Sad news of 'Little Bamber's' passing. I remember his first goal for Liverpool at old trafford in the 71 FA Cup semi against the shite. I read he retired from the club's Development team 11 years ago, doesnt seem that long. YNWA, Brian.
  5. ratcatcher

    The Official Raheem Sterling Thread (Part 412)

    Dunno. Suarez was constantly mentoring him during games, telling when and where to go, when to send him and stuff. Are aguero and co going to invest that effort in him now he's a s 'big' a signing as them? Time will tell. If pelligrini is replaced by pep in a couple of years and pep doesnt fancy him, now that would be funny.
  6. ratcatcher

    The Official Raheem Sterling Thread (Part 412)

    Dont honestly give a fuck what city pay him. Fact is it would be funny if they did pay him 180k - 200k a week. Then watch the city fans get on his back when he constantly goes down blind alleys, falls over and misses open goals from 4 or 5 yards al la newcastle. Made yer bed, now fucking lie in it.
  7. ratcatcher

    The Official Raheem Sterling Thread (Part 412)

    They are under the home grown quota rule for the PL. Im not sure what the sanctions are for this but its part of the reason. I guess they see him as something big for the future to a lesser degree.
  8. ratcatcher

    The Official Raheem Sterling Thread (Part 412)

    No, he was let off training because of his adoptive father's death. he's not on the plane to Aus along with Borini and Enrique because the club are giving a clear signal they're surplus and want to move them on.
  9. I think he's probably the best candidate right now. Doesnt miss many games through suspensions or injury, been here a few years etc. Whether he's a natural leader or inspirer when the chips are down, time will tell.
  10. ratcatcher

    The Official Raheem Sterling Thread (Part 412)

    I think it means they'll be advising both parties what they can and cant do rather that try and smooth out any disagreement. Its pretty obvious to me sterling has played his last competitive 1st team game for Liverpool which was probably sometime in March judging by his end of season performances. Id be more than just exceptionally surprised if he ever turned out for us again. Its just a question of agreeing a fee or sticking him the U21's in my opinion.
  11. Wouldnt surprise me that city are having a small input to this saga now. Suggest he makes his position at Liverpool untenable so they dont have to pay anywhere near the £50m we want. I can see city waiting until late Friday then bidding £42m maybe £43m due to the player making it public he doesnt want to go on the tour and no longer wants to play for the manager who's taken a lot of time 'defending' him never mind give him his chance in the PL. John Henry's going to need big balls to play this the way he wants it to go. Did I say sterling's a little shit?
  12. ratcatcher

    Le Tour 2015

    Greipel isnt called the gorilla for nothing. His power is enormous. Mind he sat back a lot and let others do the hard work for him today.
  13. ratcatcher

    The FSG model.

    And where's the money coming from to build this super duper new stadium? xerxes is already advocating letting fans in for free because of the tv revenue money (while thinking the club is still going to remain 'competitive'). Fans are rightly complaining about the price of tickets so there's a limit on where the money's coming from. In contrast city and west ham have effectively been give new stadiums http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2015/jun/19/olympic-stadium-cost-rises-west-ham See, you're still at it, speke wasnt the right location! And getting into and out of the city centre on matchdays would be an utter joke except it wouldnt be funny! I dont share your optimisim about tourists filling the OS even if its only 54,000. We'll have to wait and see.
  14. ratcatcher

    The FSG model.

    Both city and west ham have effectively been 'given' brand new shiny stadiums. city will fill theirs (although they still heavily discount as advertised on the radio) because they are now a successful title winning club. It remains to be seen whether west ham manage to get 50000 regular fans in the Olympic Stadium. I'd actually say what's held the club back are the people moaning that the Kop must stay as the largest single stand and not wanting to move outside of the Anfield area. Some people have short memories if they dont remember Anfield4eva and the commotion there was when the club was considering a site at speke, aintree and other places around Liverpool. David Moores held the club back from moving to a new stadium years ago but even then, there was a considerable majority in the matchgoing fanbase who said they didnt want a 'souless' bowl. I was heavily in favour of a move to a new build when it was first proposed. Its never going to happen now and in some ways, Im happy with that.