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  1. aiyic

    Liverpool 1 Man City 4 (Feb 7 2021)

    Spot on about Allison. Seeing as he's famously religious and loves a double point to the skies, I'd give him a period of self-reflection of about 3 weeks or 4 games. It's not going to cost us anything by having Kelleher in there, but we may also actually greatly benefit from him getting real games notched on the bedpost. I suspect, in fairness to Allison, that he was rushed back after his illness, as illnesses can affect your whole mind and body in a way that a niggle or a strain are isolated, and that's what it looked like to me. On top of all that, this goes higher than Klopp; new blood is required at this level.
  2. aiyic

    Roma 4 Liverpool 2 (May 2 2018)

    I thought you'd mention the Klavan substitution, as it's the type of thing that adds to the clatter.
  3. Hulk - a player I just don't get.
  4. aiyic

    Blah blah blah

  5. aiyic

    LFC Ultras

    A load of bollocks they are. Obscures viewing on telly too and allows that commentary to eh..comment on that, rather than the game.
  6. aiyic

    Is Rodgers becoming a laughing stock?

    I got 93%. Shit sticks though. Of course there are defensive coaches. Clarke was defensive coach in all but name. Ask Kenny.
  7. aiyic

    Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel

    In fairness his point is just about the defenders coaching, rather than giving credit to Clarke to the actual final score. WBA's defending last night was (alehouse as they might be) well-coached. The belief in us scoring was completely sapped from the forward line, which in turn led to the this-is-not-our-night bullshit. There was plenty of talk of wanting Skrtel gone under Rafa's last season/Hodgson. Then he suddenly discovered how to clear a ball with his massive head under Dalglish/Clarke, and also wpoke of how his game had improved under Clarke. My point isn't to bring back Clarke, but to point to a seeming lack of defensive coaching in the team as a whole. Skrtel has actually been quite good in my eyes, and nothing like as bad as he's made out to be. While Agger should be considering tattoo-removal for the first time. Down to the caoching for me. PS can anyone see Coates improving under the current set-up?
  8. aiyic

    Early thoughts on Rodgers

    This is true. Remember thinking in the United game in the FA Cup were he was booked for a poor challenge, 'oh, forgot he was even on the pitch'? However, he was played as a winger of a 4-4-2 which is not his game.
  9. aiyic

    El Nino - Yes or No

    Fuckin hell yeah! So six managers then. My point really was that ir was an Abramovich signing rather than of a given manager.
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  11. aiyic

    El Nino - Yes or No

    You can get over a lot of things in football, and this is just another one. If I remember correctly, there were some (pre-internet days admittedly, so hard to gauge) pissed-off fans when Rushie went to Juventus (post-Heysel don't forget) - I was one. Most thought he was gone forever, like me, but he came back for near enough the same money he went for, and did great. So yeah, I'd take him back - wouldn't have near the same love for him, but would like to see how the original intended front-line with Suarez would work out. Chelsea still don't play to his strengths - they actually play to his weaknesses, hence, how shit he looks; watch how many times he's on the heel of the last defender wating for the through ball. He's played under five managers since coming to England too, and they all wanted to put their mark on him, except Kenny who just let him play. He was foisted upon AVB, who had to play him in a system that didn't suit him; accomodating Drogba, confidence dented etc. Remember the loss to Everton when he had a go at Carra for not playing into the channels when we were a very rigid Hodgson 4-4-2? Then (can't remember exact numbers) he took off again under KD? I can't really blame him for going - the club was all over the fucking shop during that time - but I can't stand who he went to. I'm done hating! Look, I've fucked up in my life enough times to be able to realise that mistakes can be made, and yes you do have to live by them, but by the same token, if common ground can once again be considered, why not let him prove himself again? - for the right deal of course.
  12. aiyic

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    But for the tribal bits, third kit is damn fine. It's just a dark purple with whites shoulders ffs - not like it actually is bright pink with green spots.
  13. I heard we're in for a kid with artificial legs, but has real feet.