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  1. hamstrung

    Jordan Henderson - what are you?

    1) Seeks attention on the internet 2) Sometimes pays for sex 3) Enjoys role playing games and/or comics
  2. I am become lurker, destroyer of worlds. I reckon forumming probably has a natural lifecycle, where you've pretty much read all the stuff that's been posted before. For me its a bit of that, and babies, work etc taking priority. Natural wastage those management types call it.
  3. hamstrung

    RIP Hamstrung

    I'm down here
  4. hamstrung

    Luis Suarez

    That and work actually making me do work. FML.
  5. hamstrung

    The GF Recipe Thread

    Gratin Dauphinois - Accompaniment - Recipes - from Delia Online Always works for me.
  6. hamstrung

    The Ashes 2010/11

    Looks like its Australia's to lose. This is why the cricket is much more interesting at the moment.
  7. hamstrung

    The Ashes 2010/11

    Fuck the *ball, this is going to be the best bit of sport this winter. Perth too which means its a later start UK time, so you can get up at not-too-ungodly-an-hour and get a couple of hours in before work. Can see the Aussies, despite their deficiencies, putting up a fight in this one. Should make for a belting test match.
  8. hamstrung

    The Ashes 2010/11

    I just got back from Oz this week. I watched the first test there and kept an eye on the papers. Even before it had kicked off, its fair to say there was a fair amount of vitriol being directed at their boys. I'd say as an Aussie, you probably know its bad when your press starts turning against you. LFD (I think) remarked that this was all down to the great Australians retiring, and while that obviously has an impact (they were arguably the greatest ever team to play the game for a while) I think England's revival needs to be given a little more credit. To say some of the saps from the 90's would easily roll over today's Australia detracts from England 2010. Anyone watching English cricket for the last 15-20 years wouldn't recognise today's team. When 1 wicket falls 5 more don't invariably follow. When luck conspires against them they don't retreat. They take the unlikely catches and run outs. Collectively, they have bollocks. Having more or less lost interest in football (as recent MF/FF inactivity will attest) this ashes series is just what is needed. Its still going to be close, because even when the talent isn't quite there, Australia will fight. 1...1 is my prediciton. Its a pleasant change watching English sportsmen who aren't all complete cunts.
  9. hamstrung

    Is this season a write-off already?

    Its been a write off for months.
  10. hamstrung

    Nick Cave

    When he's scary, he's touches greatness.
  11. hamstrung

    The Ashes 2010/11

    In Oz at the moment and watching it on Australian TV is really interesting. They make no pretence at impartiality whatsoever, which is fair enough I suppose. Yesterday, they were incredibly irritating in their joy. Today, you could feel their anger. Looking forward to tomorrow.
  12. hamstrung

    The Ashes 2010/11

    Been very unlucky.
  13. hamstrung

    The Ashes 2010/11

    Could go either way. Plenty more twists in this one. Much like the last Ashes, two very evenly matched teams.