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    Are you happy about Benteke?

    PS - Ings will surprise a lot of fucking people and Kopites this season guys! Take it from me he's gonna be signing of the season
  2. old skool tom

    Are you happy about Benteke?

    Big Ben is no Torres or Suarez but he's exactly what we need,he scores 1 in every 2 games,he stays central and actually gets in the box unlike Mario and Borini. If teams press us high we can dink it up to him for 5 minutes and get back on front foot.think we will mix our style up a lot more now If teams sit deep and block us off centrally like last year?atleast we'll have a striker who will be in centre of goal worrying CBs giving our CAMs more space We'll have a forward who gets in box and bangs it into back of the net which will be nice to see again
  3. Benteke Countinho Firmino Moreno Henderson Milner Clyne Sakho Skittles Cann Will be our best way to start season but I'm worried if Brendan Starts with the slow paced 4-3-3 possession based but fruitless formation that he'll be out before christmas Ings (or Ibe) Benteke Sturridge Coutinho Hendo Milner (or Firmino) Moreno Sakho Skittles Clyne Would prob be our most potent 4-3-3 team with 3 finishers up top
  4. old skool tom

    Favourite sounds- not music

    The sound of a wet pussy slurping when shes aroused and my cock is slowly going in and out Ogdens 5 to 8 foghorn alarm (I miss that sound so much) does it still go off? My little lads infectious laugh Police helicopter being shot down when it's over my street at 4 am ( I live in fuckin hope) A cockerel at sunrise somewhere in a 2 up to down in Anfield Rain on my open window and the odd car driving through rain at night Darts thudding into a dartboard
  5. Lads 5 and aching to go to game but I think he'll have to wait till 6 maybe 7 Think the noise will scare shit out of him at moment,I loved going match but use to cover me ears like a simpleton when we scored or looked like scoring. Used to frighten life out of me haha
  6. old skool tom

    Why in FUCK don't we sign a proper DM?

    Toure would do a decent job of sitting in front of back four but obviously his passing would be erratic haha
  7. old skool tom

    Warrior Kit Deal - Not bullshit

    Bought me lad the home one and the new Barca kit with Suarez on back from nike shop in L1 because- A they are boss B lad loves Suarez more than me C it's looks great and the horizontal stripes is historic for barca kit C were a bit shite so he only getting one of ours until the boys pull their fucking finger out this season coming Tbh if I could have choice of free footy shirt it'd defo be Barca for me with el pistoleros name on back myself Or an old liverpool kit with Molby on back
  8. old skool tom

    Nathaniel Clyne

    Can somebody phone Carra and get him to say "all these signings are shite" please? It'll give me great hope if he does!
  9. old skool tom

    Why in FUCK don't we sign a proper DM?

    Their aren't many decent ones out there really? The modern DMs seem to be Quarter Backs now who don't really tackle and just spray the ball around If only we could find another Didi Hamann. that tall skinny nerdy German bloke was a joy to watch.best player I've ever seen at getting his arse between man and ball then winning a free kick by collapsing on floor.guy was a genius at breaking up opposition play
  10. old skool tom

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    Solid left back and DM will make us quite a threat next season Not arsed about CB or GK because u can't judge a defender/defence until it's protected well enough.
  11. old skool tom

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    Why are people saying we don't have wingers to supply Benteke? He's not that prolific at scoring headers,he will be like Costa is for Chelsea,a big strong battering ram who will occupy, worry 2 CBs and be a focal point for our little Brazilian wizards to play in and around.teams sit deep and Chanel us centrally but if we get Benteke and even chip ball into him from CM it'll cause panic and space for us believe me. Personally 20mil is max I'd pay but he's type of player we need at moment and if we get 20 million for the two Italian duds,maybe it's worth it?
  12. Visiting every 20 minutes to see if the cunt who was "due back Today" brought Robocop back on time before he got fined Playing street fighter with me mates on the arcade machine for 3 hours and smoking Lucy's indoors when it was pissing down outside Trying to figure out we're id left the membership card because I could never remember my phone number as proof of id Kids today have it to easy man,sadly they've missed out on the community hub for teenagers,potheads and birds once known as the Video Shop Nothing more beautiful than the site of curtain net wire strapping in row after row of video cases
  13. old skool tom

    Police advice please....

    can't say much as it's on going but.... Mates son (14) was beaten up in mistaken identity by 3 adults recently (3/4 weeks ago) but by pure chance he knows we're they live and what car they drove. Despite also sayin he'd recognise males again and police saying they would pay them visit within 48 hours...............,..absolutely fuck all has happened,all they've done is "Driven Up The Street and looked for the car" despite him giving them the exact address.its truly unbelievable that they haven't done anything! Are they just saying nothing has happened yet or are they truly useless?
  14. old skool tom

    The Space Thread

    This universe stuff is mind bendingly beautiful and frighteningly frightful I wish my brain was clever enough to understand it all........Pointless and Catchphrase is my minds limit unfortunately
  15. old skool tom

    The Space Thread

    The Big Bang Did two things physically collide or did one thing just explode? Is it possible we are just a scientific experiment like the collider and that's what the Big Bang was?
  16. Bullseye Last of the summer wine American Football on 4 Hale and pace This thread has reminded me off the horrific School Tomorrow' feeling I had forgot....... Thanks a fucking bunch OP'er you are a cunt Songs of praise was the ultimate spine chiller though,and surprise surprise was a close second
  17. old skool tom

    CDMs on FIFA 15

    Why don't they stay in position the fuckers instead of sprinting forward! Tried every tactic but they still have no discipline
  18. old skool tom

    Back pain

    last couple months mines fucked up as i approach 40 cant stand or lay down flat on back or belly for more than 2 hours max or im in fucking agony! feels like spine is twisted and out of shape like that Richard 3rd fella they found under car park tried new mattress but its still fucked
  19. old skool tom

    Summer Transfer Thread 2015

    Clyne was a player I've liked this season..... But his recent outing for England when he got hooked at half time has put me off him for life It was the worst exhibition of passing I have ever seen from a pro footballer.he couldn't pass the ball 10 yards without missing his team mate by atleast 20 yards! if we sign him tho I hope we sign Bony from City as we could do with some slapstick comedy After season we've just had. Boom boom
  20. old skool tom

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Birdman - 9/10 So different the way it appeared almost continuously shot and very original Senna - 10/10 actually a docu but surely it's greatest sports doc ever made? The Train - 10/10 black and white classic On the waterfront is on my 'next classic I have never seen yet' list. Hope it lives up to the hype
  21. old skool tom

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    Black Adder just edges out Bottom the Office and Partridge for me Though the majestic Ever decreasing Circles and It Crowd and somehow unheard of Garth Marangi deserve a mention Oh and In The Thick Of It also
  22. old skool tom

    Best British Sitcom Ever?

    Black Adder just edges out Bottom the Office and Partridge for me Though the majestic Ever decreasing Circles and It Crowd and somehow unheard of Garth Marangi deserve a mention Oh and In The Thick Of It also
  23. old skool tom

    Taking the piss in Dubai

    Absolutely disgraceful behaviour from the players They should be tied to ball and chain and never be allowed to smile,drink,dance until they win a game of football next season I mean,our season was like a death in the family and I bet people wouldn't do any of the above like that after a funeral would they FFS lighten up guys,we heal our wounds and go again next season
  24. old skool tom

    Other football

    It'd be decent competition if the 'losers' didn't enter and domestic games weren't moved to Sundays.pile of shite currently for me Good game tho and what did we see in this Konkoplyanka or whatever his name is? He's basically a white 24 yr old Sterling,quick but shite end product