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  1. Ayre was backing that useless, arrogant tit Rodgers till the death and was part of appointing him and Hodgson and sacking Rafa. Him and Rodgers were a Pair of out of their depth fools who were fucking the club right up and couldn't believe their luck. Whenever anything important needs doing (which often involves clearing up Ayre's mess) it's done in Boston. "Be careful what you wish for". Hopefully gone before he was pushed for his latest crisis management shambles.
  2. Is that the maggot jumping before he was pushed? His pathetic handling of another problem over the ticket prices, and underestimating the fans feelings, surely must have been the final straw for FSG with this muppet. I struggle to believe he'd leave his 7 figure salary, expenses and jollies to Florida entirely of his own accord.
  3. At our best under Rodgers that first half performance we could hit those sort of levels of the first half an hour, but that'd be it and we'd draw that 3-3 and just bottle it second half and run out of gas and ideas We're getting that organisation where we're starting to see games out as well as play some great football.
  4. Ron Vlaar on a free might be a shout. He's been captain at clubs so presumably a leader, will add much needed depth to centre back. He's at least as good as Lovren and better than Toure at this point. Seen him linked with Everton and Milan today.
  5. Why couldn't he make the Brazil squad for the World Cup when they had Fred and Jo up front and the likes of Bernard playing? The current manager hasn't used him either despite average Brazilian league forwards regularly called up.
  6. Defensive midfield (still only got Lucas), a better all-round goalkeeper and more depth at the back have to be the priority for us before next season. A striker as well if we cut our losses with Sturridge. I think we've got enough luxury players who can play attacking midfield and still have Markovic to come back. A bargain deal like Stoke with Bojan then fair enough but I wouldn't be paying decent money for him when there's other priorities.
  7. He needs Sturridge, Firmino and Henderson around or ahead of him.
  8. Hodgson was here 5 minutes. The shambles he left was easily undone. We just bombed Konckesy and Poulsen overnight and played proper football again the rest of that season. It was just a wasted season because of that appointment. Klopp would find it a lot easier coming in half way through 10/11 than now. It's not just Rodgers. The transfer policy has been horrific and it's left us with a mess of a squad and Rodgers loaning out players who'd be useful now hasn't helped. How can you end up with two full backs in the squad, one decent centre half (who the fucking idiot bombed out for Lovren the leader), one defensive midfielder who's half crocked, one winger who's a raw teenager, a midfield with no pace in it, but loads of expensive number 10s ? Good look sorting that shit out. FSG gave Rodgers enough rope to hang himself with in the summer, consciously or not knowing he'd make a mess of things. But that's set us back a lot further than if he'd been fucked off in the summer, even though it's allowed us to get the right manager in it's put us a year or two further behind. For example, if De Boer came in last summer and was given that money to spend we'd be in a better place now and ergo maybe next season as well. If given enough time then there's a higher ceiling under Klopp eventually than under any other manager we could have got in the summer. It just makes Klopp's job that much more difficult that Rodgers was allowed to create more mess.
  9. I did think Rubin were a better outfit on the night than Sion and well organised. Sion looked a shambles at the back and we should have filled our boots. We should have been beating both teams though with strong teams out, it's a joke how bad we've got in Europe. I think the most important thing in the Premier League is your strikers. The most important thing in Europe is often your midfield and ours just isn't up to scratch. Every year we've needed big investment in the midfield only for Rodgers to go out and insist on more number 10s. We're so one paced in there and it's a joke how much we still rely on Lucas.
  10. I think it's going to take Klopp a couple of years to turn around the shambles he's been left with by Rodgers and the committee. It's not that bad a squad in terms of quality, but it's so unbalanced. Rodgers had us stocked full of number 10s and luxury players at the expense of other things. The midfield has been neglected since Alonso and Mascherano left and amplified when Gerrard's legs went. Replacing Gerrard with Milner (to play CM) was the final insult. We have a squad lacking brains, nouse, character and leadership. It's going to take 2 or 3 windows just to have a balanced squad. FSG will have to be patient with Klopp after the mess their stupid decisions and their appointments (conned by dossiers) have created. The fans will as well.
  11. Well that Fraud stripped the squad of all its leaders and never bought any (despite all the bluster over Lovren). Over the next few transfer windows this needs sorting as well as reshaping a terribly unbalanced squad.
  12. We've been completely clueless in Europe for over 3 years under Rodgers. We can't just change that in 45 minutes. Dare I say it but Rossiter would have been ideal today. He'd have put a real shift in and fired things up, in the absence of Henderson, but England fucked that up. Milner's a poor man's Kuyt and Origi is not a Liverpool striker. We're missing too many key players and need the January window to do the business we didn't do in the summer. Klopp will sort us out in time.
  13. It's a ridiculously unbalanced squad that's been assembled so it's going to take a few transfer windows (with a manager with an actual eye for talent) before we can really push on. In the meantime we have to make do with a one paced midfield.
  14. It was nervy but attacking the Kop end in the second half at 0-0 and I think we'd have gone on to win, but it was never going to finish 0-0 because we didn't have it in us. We were either going to win or lose. Gerrard shouldn't have been the last man in that situation. The worst thing was the total bottle job in the second half. Blind panic and not a decent chance created. We also bottled the second half against Norwich and Man City in the previous games and got away with it and then against Palace. Once we were in the driving seat we just bottled it. We were okay when we were chasing City down.
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