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  1. redmachine23

    Swansea Carling Cup match thread

    exactly my thoughts.
  2. redmachine23

    Early thoughts on Rodgers

    Agreed. I look forward to us regaining our place as Champions of England again one day so I can then spend the following season on a Man city forum talking about them. Weird.
  3. redmachine23

    journalist position at the club

    You don't see how spending 3 years training under experienced professionals, learning how to interview, learning the legal aspects of slander, defamation and contempt of court, honing your writing, learning shorthand, understanding how press conferences work, learning to work to tight deadlines, learning how to work under an editor, learning how to use the very specific (and ever changing) technology, experiencing the pressure first hand, dealing with breaking news and everything else that goes with it would be of benefit? Fair enough. The wires will be buzzing and they will have hundreds upon hundreds of applicants, it's an incredibly competitive industry and the one that gets it will have CV that is ridiculously full.
  4. redmachine23

    Free Agent strikers : take your pick

    I knew someone must read my posts! Thank you ShellSuit.
  5. redmachine23

    The case of using Downing as a Wing-back

    I was going to vote but couldn't find the 'sell him, sell him right fucking now' button.
  6. redmachine23

    Footballers and Ramadan

    Aye. Just a tad like.
  7. redmachine23

    van Persie to United

    Fuck Arsenal. Fuck there fans, Fuck Wenger. Fuck Van Persie and Fuck Man United. I think that covers it.
  8. redmachine23

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    I concur. Exactly my feelings. Let's be honest while the top clubs are shopping in Harrods we're down Aldi hovering by the 'on the turn' shelf. Best we can manage probably.
  9. redmachine23

    FC Gomel match thread

    I think you're all missing the most important aspect of tonight's performance. WE'VE GOT OUR RED NETS BACK! I was unsure about this Rodgers character, but for that alone I am putting him down as a legend.
  10. redmachine23

    Roy Hodgson, know your role and shut your mouth

    The only thing Code has ever been a real fan of is himself. Twunt.
  11. redmachine23


    You never cease to amaze with your utter cuntishness. Why the fuck do you bother calling youself a Liverpool supporter. You know-nothing 'me-me-me' prick. If you'd ever been at games to actually see the man in person you might have a valid opinion. As it is you don't.
  12. redmachine23

    Blackburn Away

    I think you mean 'statuesque defending'. Not a thing Jones could hve done about that.
  13. redmachine23

    André Villas Boas (Manager)

    2 things. Firstly. fuck Chavski and the criminal they rode in on. Second, why does silverlining reduce every single thread into a ridiculous name-calling exercise. If I called people names I'd probably choose 'bell-end', but I don't, so I wont.
  14. redmachine23

    Arsenal (Home) - 03/03/'12

    I hate that fucking cunt.