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  1. shanklins1

    Wrestling thread

    Useless info but Skinner was Doink the clown and Repo man was Smash from Demolition :wow:
  2. shanklins1

    What is the best holiday you have ever had?

    Lads holiday Kavos 2001, sounds cheesy but what a holiday.
  3. shanklins1


    Good arse and legs, apart from that shes nothing special at all.
  4. shanklins1

    Wakefield, any shape on it ?

    I'm Welsh if that counts :whistle:
  5. shanklins1

    Wakefield, any shape on it ?

    As for research mate, it was chosen because several of the boys have been before and had a ball. With this type of trip its the company you are with not the place itself imo. Some of the best trips I've ever been on have been to absolute holes.
  6. shanklins1

    Wakefield, any shape on it ?

    Cheers boys, we know it's kind of a hole, that really doesn't bother us. We was definitely thinking of going into Leeds but was thinking for an all dayer Sunday. Maybe we will do it Saturday and the run Sunday. It's a free trip so whatever, bring it on lol
  7. Me and a group of lads aged between 18-40 are heading to Wakefield this weekend, We have a nice hotel in the town centre, so happy thus far. Can anyone recommend any bars and clubs etc that would suit everyone. We are not your muscled up orange gel boy types, basically just like a good drink and laugh. Anybody ? cheers.............
  8. shanklins1

    clothes I used to wear.

    Cream jeans and brightly coloured Ben Sherman`s were the clubbers choice for me in the mid nineties. Kickers or Pod`s for the feet.
  9. shanklins1

    What is the worst job...

    Had a summer job straight from school, where for 8 hours a day I would twist the bar codes on 2 coke cans to line up. Awesome.
  10. shanklins1

    Danny Dyer

    He`s DJing at the Escape club Swansea on the 10th Dec. Amazed they have booked him tbh.
  11. shanklins1

    Elecy Gas Switch

    Try Utility Warehouse first.
  12. shanklins1

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Dicks who carry these like a medal of machismo.
  13. shanklins1

    Buying a car...

    Focus Zetec. Had 4, great cars to drive.