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  1. Crafty managing to fit racism and misogyny into the same post.
  2. Should be one for the shittness of modern football thread but isn't it sad how virtually all modern football transfer news is pure bollocks? Remember when you used to get the Echo and it'd be on the back page that we were after Hyppia or Song or something and two weeks later they'd be in the bag? Now it's pretty much all lies from all sources.
  3. Yeah agreed, aren't some of them doctors and shit though?
  4. Could be wrong but pretty sure red phoenix never commented on the 15 tory threads.
  5. MPs will be prevented from taking on second jobs that fail to meet a new test of putting constituents first, under government plans to “turn the page” on an era of sleaze and scandal. Despite growing anger over MPs doing lucrative outside work while also serving their constituents, the new Labour government will not ban second jobs but will severely restrict lobbying work. Ministers say they will close loopholes that allow MPs to take on additional paid lobbying or advisory roles as long as they relate to policy or how parliament works.
  6. I think you've got to write off the core Trump voters now, there's nothing he - or anyone else - could do or say to stop them voting for him. If he gave the defence codes to the Russians they'd say he was being smart.
  7. Coppers saying three coppers had been battered and a WPC got a broken nose, all being taken to hospital. Dunno what's gone on but no need for that.
  8. Le shits!!! https://www.theguardian.com/sport/article/2024/jul/24/russian-chef-arrested-in-paris-over-alleged-large-scale-olympic-games-plot-paris-2024 A Russian chef who has lived in France for 14 years has been arrested on suspicion of plotting with a foreign power to stage “large scale” acts of “destabilisation” during the Olympic Games in Paris.
  9. "Do you prefer acting in Hollywood films where you get 20 mil a pop and everyone watches them? Or would you rather be treading the boards at the Old Fuck in Hebden Bridge?" "Oh the Old Fuck without doubt, movies have their place of course but in theatre the audience is so VISCERAL."
  10. "Where wander thou yao unsightly strumpet and where do your carrots and turnips reside pourquoi?" But listen to what Shakespeare is trying to SAY! He's talking about the triumph of the human spirit over adversity back in a time when things were very adverse, but it's a timeless message. Yeah thanks, I'll get Ralph Fiennes to re-enact it in a Lonsdale vest and some Kickers down at the Albert Dock and charge people 300 notes to come and watch it, I'll call it 'Shakespeare in the community".
  11. I'd like to see her try and accomplish some relatively simple tasks. It'd be like the crystal maze but would involve things like using a revolving door, or asking a Big Issue seller where the nearest toilets were.
  12. The two child cap should be lifted, there's no doubt about it, but I don't think not lifting it makes Labour bastards, not unless it means wanting to lift it makes Braverman and Farage not bastards.
  13. The Union had a spy network here too, only place outside of London. Always thought it'd make a good play, maybe at the Royal Court "North and Southport" "Gone with the window cleaner"
  14. Truss on Fox News saying Harris isn't qualified for the job.
  15. Eating black pudding in the presence of someone who doesn't like it.
  16. Shite Shakespeare, like Latin it's used by public school wankers to make poor people feel stupid.
  17. I always thought it was fandabidozzy. Mind, blown.
  18. Labour is surrounded to an unprecedented degree by people that want it to fail. The right wing press and their paymasters, aspects of the self appointed "left", the Tories, the SNP, the endless army of twitter bums and "buy me a coffee" grifters. Reform, the pop cons (even Vance has taken a shot). The only thing it's got going for it is the size of its once in a lifetime majority and having some semblance of unity of purpose. They're our best and only shot at fixing some of the untold damage done to our country and society. But that path is precarious and very, very narrow, and beset on all sides by the Inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.
  19. Nah I don't think you are virtue signalling, you're proud of him and rightly so, and it means a lot to you. My take is just different. I think there's a bigger picture to it and it's going to require a disciplined effort to achieve for a party that's literally surrounded, and I mean truly surrounded.
  20. Yeah fair play to him for that, there's nothing wrong with that - but also there's nothing wrong with a leader punishing dissent when the person doing it is aware of the consequences. He's right to stand for what he believes in, and Starmer is equally right to enforce discipline so early in his tenure when stability is called for to fix a country that's falling apart.
  21. He wouldn't/couldn't have made any difference though, he did it knowing what would happen - it's his fault, just the same as it would be my fault if I told my boss to get fucked and he sacked me. The last eight years have shown us what happens when you tolerate factionalism, nothing gets done. You help nobody.
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