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  1. Why's that lad wearing a Waffen SS uniform?
  2. That's a murdoch paper isn't it?
  3. He's one of those malevolent autistic types is Musk. My IT degree was packed to the brim with them. In the outside world they were bantha fodder, in their own sphere of expertise they ruled and were rude and dismissive with it. Quick to sneer and deride, thought nobody could match their computer knowledge (although in truth nobody else cared), total twats. I'd love to take his noise cancelling headphones and his alphabetised collection of tea towels and shove them RIGHT up his arse. As for the modern right/left debate. It's a load of bollocks though now what's being defined as "the right", it's like comparing Liz Truss to Thatcher. You could hold a gun to Trump, Truss, and that chainsaw helmet in the Falklands and asked them what their policies were and it would be to singularly overachieve and grift with the help of morons. If Musk was peddling stuff like "we need lower taxes and smaller government" etc, or "free enterprise is the key to freedom" type patter, fair enough. But he's not, he's giving voice to conspiracy nuts and barmpots. This is the biggest rabbit hole we've gone down as a culture, it provably all started with having farage on question time every 10 minutes, the idea that all opinions are equally valid. It's not true. "We need a planned economy vs free markets are great" are valid counter opinions worthy of debate. "The deep state/press/big pharma/Ukraine are the source of society's ills and various mental despots are the cure - is not".
  4. Yeah smacked of when Rees Mogg walks his kids through a crowd of protestors while cameras happen to be rolling. I stuck a 15ft liverpool flag out the 12th floor window of the Marriot in Cardiff when we beat the mancs in 03, attracting a mob of around 100 people shouting "you scouse bastards!", and a concierge shouting "for God's sake close the window!". I had to stay in that night and order room service. Did I make a meal of it on Sky News? No I did not.
  5. Written by Cathy Dennis about the supervet Noel whatshisface, her ex boyfriend.
  6. How can you stand up without the butterly effect? I hover with significant menace, like the Los Angeles mother ship from V.
  7. Hating Tony Blair is proper trendy, always has been, but this was a good country to live in. We were respected in the EU, rule of law was a thing, and his cabinet wasn't filled with basket cases. I'd pay good money to see Blair debate with Truss, Raab, Johnson, Braverman, Patel, and any of the other cunts even for 10 minutes, it'd be like watching someone throw stones at a Panzer.
  8. Why do you always respond with multiple posts? I always imagine "and another thing!" Between each one.
  9. Mrs Menzies, upon arrival at headquarters a rodent had to be removed from your son's rectum. Yes, and?
  10. No mention of the SNP ditching their green policies Gnasher you scamp, or do you only hide behind them when that bald lad is laying into Labour in PMQs, you automated Belarussian scoundrel you. Skynetski you should be called.
  11. Yeah living under Tony Blert was terrible, homeless people and food banks everywhere, couldn't get a dentist, councils were stone broke, Britain was widely disrespected in Europe, bad times.
  12. Menzies said: “Due to the pressures on myself and my elderly mother, I have decided to resign from the Conservative party.
  13. This is how Tory governments always end. Remember "I had a moment of madness on Clapham Common!" and David Mellor running around naked from the waste down with his chelsea shirt on, and Major walloping Curry, shudder.
  14. What a tramp. The mancs are like someone took everything you love about LFC and turned it inside out.
  15. A major scheme to help disabled people into work has been quietly scrapped – just as the prime minister announced a crackdown on disability benefits. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2024/apr/21/help-disabled-people-england-wales-jobs-axed-benefits-crackdown
  16. The fuck, I always thought Braveheart's uncle was Billy Connolly but just noticed it's Brian Cox.
  17. The fuck? I thought Matt Walace was from busted or something. I fucking hate Twitter.
  18. This is the kind of stuff that goes through my head during zoom meetings, weddings and the likes.
  19. The reason these tory MPs are all so depraved is because they went to all boys boarding schools, it's like the priesthood.
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