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  1. major

    Accrington Stanley

    And John Miles up until last season, before getting released before this season I think
  2. What amazes me most about Carew, is that he is almost incapable of hitting the ball cleanly.
  3. major

    Millie Clode

    Still looking good I see....
  4. major

    Tonights game

    El Rojo, the globetrotter
  5. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Poor Christiano, not getting anything from the referee...worra tit.
  6. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Nice play again from Wigan
  7. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Another one who does find basic math a bit difficult...
  8. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Is it really any doubt "what I´m on about"?
  9. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Can you count at all?
  10. major


    when did he do this?
  11. major

    Born the same day as ...

    Jamie Carragher
  12. major

    Players we have sold who have done well.

    Barry Venison. Remember he blossomed under Keegan at Newcastle. Think he got an England call-up aswell.