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  1. Anyone know if Allison and/or Thiago participated in training yesterday?
  2. major

    Accrington Stanley

    And John Miles up until last season, before getting released before this season I think
  3. What amazes me most about Carew, is that he is almost incapable of hitting the ball cleanly.
  4. major

    Millie Clode

    Still looking good I see....
  5. major

    Tonights game

    El Rojo, the globetrotter
  6. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Poor Christiano, not getting anything from the referee...worra tit.
  7. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Nice play again from Wigan
  8. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Another one who does find basic math a bit difficult...
  9. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Is it really any doubt "what I´m on about"?
  10. major

    Wigan v Scum

    Can you count at all?
  11. major


    when did he do this?
  12. major

    Born the same day as ...

    Jamie Carragher