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  1. Travis Bickle

    Great Documentaries

    Top Documentary Films - Watch Free Documentaries Online
  2. Travis Bickle

    When do you feel the most hungry?

    All this talk of food is making me hungry.
  3. Travis Bickle


    £20? When I was a lad (im 35) if you got caught doing that the bouncers would have tried to fold your head in half more than 7 times. that was pre-licensing though.
  4. Travis Bickle

    When do you feel the most hungry?

    Im always hungry, apart from in the morning, ive got to be up for at least 2 hours before I can eat anything.
  5. Travis Bickle


    U mean bouncers take DRUGS???????????????????????????
  6. Travis Bickle


    Forgot its on tonight, have to catch it on C4+1, see how the Welsh bouncers compare to our home grown roid-rage meat heads...got to be worth a watch on a wednsday night.
  7. Travis Bickle

    Life's enduring mysteries

    Why do driving instructors take first time learners out on the road at rush hour? Twats.
  8. Travis Bickle

    Auto correct

    Damn You Auto Correct! - Funny iPhone Fails and Autocorrect Horror Stories
  9. Travis Bickle

    Britain's Underworld - Liverpool

    he tried to take a tenners bag of whizz off me in the 80's, managed to bargain him down to half. Shite tax man.
  10. Travis Bickle

    What an awesome day I've had (NSFW)

  11. Travis Bickle

    Dr Dre

    Crying laughing, funniest thing ive read/heard in a long time.
  12. Travis Bickle

    Radio 4, just before 8am today...

    Radio 4's Jim Naughtie commits Jeremy Hunt Spoonerism uber-blunder - Asylum.co.uk
  13. Travis Bickle

    GF Point of View - CLOTHING

    what about....
  14. Travis Bickle

    GF Point of View - CLOTHING