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  1. I don't think Ian Curtis particularly enjoyed them either, to be fair.
  2. Stront19m Dog™

    British Band Tournament Round 2. Cream vs Queen

    Not sure southern African man of colour visits southern Africa is quite the gotcha you think it is.
  3. Stront19m Dog™

    British Band Tournament Round 2. Cream vs Queen

    Clapton is a supporter of the Countryside Alliance, which promotes field sports and issues relating to the British countryside. He has played in concerts to raise funds for the organisation and publicly opposed the Labour Party's ban on fox hunting with the 2004 Hunting Act. A spokesperson for Clapton said, "Eric supports the Countryside Alliance. He does not hunt himself, but does enjoy rural pursuits such as fishing and shooting. He supports the Alliance's pursuit to scrap the ban on the basis that he disagrees with the state's interference with people's private pursuits"
  4. Voted Depeche out of electrosolidarity, even if they did betray their roots and turn into a goth rock band.
  5. Stront19m Dog™

    British Band Tournament - Round 1. Pet Shop Boys vs Cream

    I think there's always an inevitability about these things being dominated by bands playing instruments that a medieval troubadour would have been familiar with. Musical tastes always trend towards the conservative, especially among those who would baulk at being described as conservative. The Beatles aren't in this competiton, because they'd definitely win it. And that's the issue I have with these other blues-influenced, guitar-based 60s bands winning the competiton. The Beatles exist, so these other bands are, by definition, not at the top of the tree in their genre. It would be interesting to know why electronic music is so underappreciated. Is it snobbery about electronic instruments, a misplaced belief that the artists aren't "making" the noise themselves because they're not bashing or strumming something? A musical Neo-Luddism? Does rock music appeal to something ancestral, dating back to when our caveman ancestors were literally banging rocks together?
  6. Stront19m Dog™

    Mohamed Salah

    Neil Ruddock would feed a town.
  7. Stront19m Dog™

    British Band Tournament - Round 1. Pet Shop Boys vs Cream

    You know under your username where it says "WhatcouldIbewrongabout?"...
  8. Stront19m Dog™


    It helps if you read it. It is essential to adjust for the number of tests being done. Leicester and Oldham have seen significant increases in testing in a short time. Leicester, for example in the first two weeks of July did more tests than anywhere else in England: 15,122 tests completed in the two weeks up to 13th July. The potential for false-positives (those people without the disease who test positive) to drive the increase in community (Pillar 2) cases is substantial, particularly because the accuracy of the test and the detection of viable viruses within a community setting is unclear.
  9. Stront19m Dog™


    Short answer, we may not be. Long answer: https://www.cebm.net/covid-19/covid-cases-in-england-arent-rising-heres-why/
  10. Stront19m Dog™

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Is there a bigger fraud in world football than Varane?
  11. Stront19m Dog™

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That Juve pen was even less of a pen than the one they got in the 1985 European Cup Final.
  12. Stront19m Dog™

    British Band Tournament - Round 1. Pet Shop Boys vs Cream

    Left to My Own Devices needs the extended version to fully appreciate its brilliance The Extended Nude mix of I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing also a personal favourite
  13. Stront19m Dog™

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Average attendance, I think.