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    I'm now 30, and feel like far more than 4 ears has passed since I first wrote my bio
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    Punk rock, photography, beans on breakfasts

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  1. That's getting negged for naming what is comfortably their worst song.
  2. I didn't see it live and have only watched the replay once or twice but the cov player was stood still and didn't react to the pass straight away, whereas the defender was running back towards goal so that's why he very quickly looks onside in that video. For my money, he looked 'level' but that's not a thing anymore since the shit lines came in to spoil everything to make nerds and Internet twats happy, so he's either just on or just off and it turns out on this one roll of the dice he's just off.
  3. Gary Wilson always comes across as a right twat to me.
  4. Enjoyed the bit where he spent 20 seconds making a point while gesticulating with his right hand so his mic was nowhere near his mouth. Without doubt the bit where he made the best points of the day, I'd wager.
  5. That looks like it should cost less. Dunno about you but I'd like to hope the ingredients cost more than a fiver when I'm eating out.
  6. Can't you tell me what he said?
  7. Pork schnitzel from the fancy butchers in town, with potatoes bacon and leek (potatoes are undercooked in truth), peas and beetroot. Super
  8. Only had tartare once - in a chic little bistro in Paris near Montmarte, where I made a twat of myself walking in and pater poured a glass of red wine down my birds white dress before leaving - and it was fucking delicious. Asian inspired from memory, with sesame and other things.
  9. Needs bird's-eye potato waffles
  10. You dont always, but you're talking sense here. Playing well and getting some mojo back here is more important than the result.
  11. I just clicked through and thought the same. Talented guy.
  12. We desperately need to play well. We need to look like a team that can win by being good cause I'm not sure we currently believe we can win by just keeping going. Have to give it a right go, and have to do that with a strong team. If we play well but it's mostly reserves do the first teamers get the belief? I don't think so. Strong team. Play well. See what happens.
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