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  1. £19.6 mill to get rid of shitcoat and his team. At least someone is still having a laugh, all the way to the bank
  2. Bamo

    Gordon Banks

    I was at Gerry Byrne's testimonial and when he came to defend the Kop second half he was serenaded with "we want you for our own" shame it never happened. He also applauded to if you all love Koppites clap your hands or some such. Truly a reminder of how great players could overcome tribal rivalries and how they were the same as us, ordinary blokes, just gifted with talent we could only dream of. RIP
  3. My first game this season on Saturday and, yes the atmosphere was more charged. The expectations before were greater and the tension when we fell behind more acute. Even from my perch at the back of the main stand I could sense it, strangers even joined me and my mate celebrating.
  4. Bamo

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    I'm wondering if the reference to CM is something other than central midfielder? So for example as a result of being unable to play football he joined a poker league and became an adept bluffer, perhaps we are looking at the best con merchant in the poker league? This being a football forum, the confusion is understandable
  5. Bamo

    Bob Paisley

    Great, so deserved. Even better I've got a ticket, so will be there to see it
  6. Bamo

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    We have twice as many points as Everton after 20 games. And 22 ahead of the Mancs, makes me smile the way we played makes me ecstatic
  7. Bamo

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Apparently before today, since the 2nd World War only 2 Manc managers have won their first game, Moyes and Shitcoat, bodes well
  8. Bamo

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Like a cross between Yeats and Hansen - Look at these stats in the Premier League since his debut:- Most touches (2,846)- Most minutes (2,845)- Most passes (2,471)- Most duels won (213)- Most clearances (173)- Most aerial duels won (155)- Most interceptions (38)- Most shots blocked (13)
  9. Bamo

    Wolves (A) 21/12.

    So am I to believe that your surname is not Spunkmouse? Your post made me assume that Molyneaux was named Spunkhouse when they were decent in Billy Wright's days in the 50's
  10. Bamo

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    There'll be a few formidable comes if he manages any of that lot
  11. Bamo

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Jay Spearing just scored a pen for Blackpool in FA Cup. Didn't realise he was still playing
  12. Thought that was him checking in at the same motel as Alan Partridge. Bet they'd get on like a house on fire