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  1. Takes me back to when i was working on cruise ships back in the early 90's. We had a young welsh girl on her first cruise, american lady passenger went in the shop wanting a fanny pack. Poor girl dint have a clue and tried to sell her sanitary towels
  2. Watched the first episode, didn't bother with the rest. distinctly average for me 3/10
  3. just watched Band of Brothers for the 1st time. Got to be one of my favorite programmes, the old soldiers at the end was a good touch, didnt see it coming
  4. Robbo29

    Female Vocalists

    Alison Moyet, Yazoo and solo, was watching a live show on you tube last night
  5. Ive been to Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Columbia & Venezuela, vast majority of the people of the people have been brilliant. First time in Buenos Aires was thinking the locals might be bit miffed, Falklands and all that, bur all were great, seen some old red telephone boxes near Recoleta Cemetery
  6. Robbo29

    Happy Birthday Captain Turdseye

    All the best mate, many more I hope
  7. Robbo29

    great names

    We have a client whos first name, is Beau-Jangles
  8. Robbo29

    THE Sopranos thread

    tried to watch this for the 1st time last year, couldn't get to the end of the 1st episode, Mrs Robbo started watching it and i caught the odd bits. started again last week, now im midway through season 4, cant get enough of it. Never liked Ralph at first but hes grown on me, liked when Artie was after the $50k for the Armagnac and he wouldn't lend it to him cos he wouldn't be allowed to hurt him if he didn't pay
  9. Robbo29


    I dont understand the FBOT thing, surely all the difference in lowering the stake is that their money will last longer? plus there is always online
  10. Robbo29

    My better half...

    She is a Red through and through, we take it in turns taking the eldest the match, she manages 3 kiddies teams, and knows mote than me
  11. Robbo29


    I like Art, no expert, but do not get modern art, an unmade bed? pile of bricks, not for me
  12. Have started watching "The Strain" on sky box sets. Not bad, just started season 2, well its ok but i find The Master comical
  13. been moaning about how shit this has become for a while. started watching it last night, mondays episode, thought what a waste of time, deleted it and the series link, walking dead is dead to me