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  1. Hong Kong Phooey Top Cat Grange Hill Swap Shop Tiswas Thunderbirds The A Team Knightrider The Dukes Of Hazard Tom & Jerry
  2. Paul

    Lesser-known, older or unappreciated kids movies

    My son first watched Spirited Away when he was about three and then we basically worked through them all. My daughter who’s three years younger than him watched them all too from the word go.
  3. Paul

    Gash restaurants in town

    Deep breath: Mowgli, Maray, Wreckfish, Italian Supper Club, Italian Fish, Leon, Lunya, Salt House, Rocket & Ruby, Bacaro, The Art School, 60 Hope St, The London Carriage Works, Rojo Pintxos, Bakchich, Deli Fonseca, Röski, Etsu, Oktopus, Pen Factory, Panoramic. That’s just the independents that sprang to mind. I’ll have forgotten loads. Also a couple of decent chain gaffs that are always consistent like Wahaca, Wagamama and Pizza Express. Then there are all the little cafes and coffee shops that do limited menus.
  4. Paul

    Gash restaurants in town

    I want great food, great service and great value. Like I said, town is awash with restaurants like that.
  5. Paul

    Lesser-known, older or unappreciated kids movies

    Pretty much every single Studio Ghibli film. They are almost universally great. Favourites in our house were/are (we all still love them now): Spirited Away Howl’s Moving Castle Princess Mononoke My Neighbour Totoro Kiki’s Delivery Service In fact all of them. They are all boss. Maybe save Grave of the Fireflies until your kids are older though. It’s pretty fucking harrowing.
  6. Paul

    Gash restaurants in town

    Eh? There are loads of great restaurants in town. It’s ridiculous how good town is for eating out these days.
  7. On Coutinho, I think he’d be good for us but I wouldn’t go back. I reckon Edwards will have someone just as good, if not better, for less than even a cut price deal would be. Barca will deffo cut their losses but we’d still be talking £60m+ and when players like Ziyech are available for £25m, Coutinho makes no sense. Yes, fucking Barca over for a second time in 18 months for the same player would be sweet as fuck. However, I’d rather prioritise our bank balance over poking a rival in the eye.
  8. The media gloves are finally starting to come off with Ben Johnson FC now. Miguel Delaney and Rob Harris both going in hard on their sports washing. That Wembley cake walk yesterday is proving to be a watershed moment for a few journalists now. Harris really rattled that entitled prick Guardiola in the post-match press conference. The shithouse cheating bastards are probably very relieved they get to step away from the media for a couple of months now. I’ll be very interested to see how critical the guests are on Sunday Supplement this morning. The pressure needs to get much stronger than this if there are going to be real repercussions.
  9. That De Ligt is a bit too “Waffen SS Stormtrooper” for my liking.
  10. Paul

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Right. I'm with you. I thought you were making a general point rather than one specific to individual player you had in mind. From what I've seen of them, all three look great for us. However, I only have a strong view on the "where" rather than the "who"; for that bit, I'm perfectly happy to trust Edwards and Klopp. However, I do suspect that they will go for players in the younger, up and coming and under the radar bracket, rather than more widely coveted talents.
  11. Paul

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I would call all three of our front line bargains. None were cheap but none were expensive either by the standards of the modern game. I'm not suggesting we can magic a new Salah for £10m. However, I don't think we need to be up in the realms of VVD and Alisson money either. In fact I'd be amazed if Edwards didn't have an extensive list of players with huge potential for great value fees. Our needs were very specific for those two massive signings and the pool of talent very limited. I don't think that will be anything like the case for our needs this summer.
  12. Paul

    Ki-Jana Hoever

    Doesn’t look like it from the way he plays.
  13. Paul

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Why “expensive”? Our team is absolutely awash with bargains achieved through Edwards’ team spotting potential and Klopp’s team realising it. Why change tack? Virgil and Alisson are the exceptions to our successful strategy rather than the rule; and the other massive signing - Naby - still has question marks over him. I’d rather do a Robbo deal if possible, than a Virgil one.
  14. Paul

    Upcoming Films

    That looks totally shit/boss in every way. Can’t wait.