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  1. Paul

    Beats and pieces

    Just a little thread for those of us who appreciate stuff at the other end of the scale from the more popular (on here, at least) rock side of things. So, to get us started, Gilles' show this week is a tribute to John Lucien and Max Roach who both died last week. It's jazz-tastic. Nice. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/gillespeterson/index.shtml
  2. Paul

    The GF book thread

    I'm after some recommendations and thought I'd throw a few into the mix: "Altered Carbon" by Richard Morgan. I first read this in the summer and was blown away by it and am now on my second go. It's very gritty, noir-ish SF about this insanely hard bloke on the lam in a future where your consciousness can be stored, or transferred into new "sleeves" (bodies). Fucking ace. I've read a few of the "Eagle" novels by Simon Scarrow set in Britain during Caesar's day. They're nowt special, but are an entertaining diversion. "Wall & Piece" by Banksy was a Christmas book and it's absolutely addictive. Everyone who enters our bog seems to get lost for about half an hour because they start reading it. For those of you not in the know, he's a grafitti artist from Bristol who likes making anti-establishment artistic statements that look very nice on public walls. Just about to start "The Algebraist" by Iain M. Banks. I've read all his others and not got round to this yet. I'm also desperate for a new James Ellroy. Any other fans out there?
  3. Paul

    Drum and bass

    A genre with the propensity to disappear up its own arse more than most, I know. However, at its best, it's fucking ace. Oxton Soul only ever dipped its toes in the D 'n' B pool, so I'll undoubtedly have missed loads of great stuff. Ergo, post some tunes please, heads.* I'll start with some obvious ones. First up is the album version of Inner City Life by Goldie. It's only available in sections, so I'll post them because I don't think anything less does it justice - certainly not the feeble three minutes thing that got a single release: EgiHYrfbj18 -iCa2DH0oCg mkd4V1swP_4 Next is Brown Paper Bag by Roni Size and Reprazent. Mmmm, jazzy. b4n0iUtWEwY Miles From Home - Peshay xsOO2arH5IM Hide You - Kosheen. I'm not sure how "down" this tune was, but it's ace so I'm including it. m6U9H0P3DdU There should probably be some Bukem stuff on here as well as that other bloke whose name escapes me (in fact I've got a couple of his tunes but can't remember who I mean - is it Adam someone?). Fill in the gaps please people and school my ass. *This is a term used in Oxton to refer to those in the know about a particularly tune or "scene". Man.
  4. Paul

    Comfort food

    Two Scots I work with both use the term Jock about themselves.
  5. Paul

    Comfort food

    Deffo a comfort food day today. Had three fried eggs on toast for breakfast, made a big pan of homemade leak and potato soup for lunch and am going to do a cauliflower & broccoli mac & cheese with pancetta for tea. Bread crumb topping and everything. Shit is real, yo.
  6. Ha, ha, ha!!! Your schtick is hilarious. Impressive consistency too to be so miserable through such an incredible time to be a Red. Kudos.
  7. I know what Klopp’s said. He was very specific.
  8. I'd be amazed if Edwards and Gordon aren't looking hard at this deal and haven't been for a while. Klopp asked last summer how you improve on what we already have. Well that's easy: you sign the next "Best Player In the World"; a lad who at twenty is already a sensation and has at least a decade ahead of him at the very top of the game. Mbappe is the sort of player who is so exciting that he might make Klopp sign that new deal. So how do we get him? Well, firstly we fold two summers' worth of spending into one. So far, so good. Secondly we might have to sell a big player. Want Mo to go? No thanks. Want Mbappe but have to sacrifice Mo to get him? Er, OK then. Thirdly we might need some help from a massive global business with a vested interest in both our success and the player's. Enter Nike stage right. We'd probably also have to be seen as the best club in world football. OK so we're currently in the top two; I guess we'll have to just win the league and push deep into the latter stages of Europe for the third season on the bounce. Might need a relationship with the player's closest advisor. One that might look a bit like that video of Kloppo getting shouted over by Mbappe senior at the FIFA awards thing and being greeted like a long lost brother. So Klopp has talked it down, but so what? He's always a cagey as fuck about transfers. And besides I was reminded only yesterday when reading a piece on us that he had to be talked into going for Virgil by Edwards and Gordon because he couldn't get his head round the finances being viable. How did that one turn out? Despite his four years with us where he's been able to spend at the very top end of the market (remember that, everyone?), he still thinks about football finances like the bloke who ran lowly little Mainz and got stitched by Bayern every summer for his best players because they could. No, we are definitely serious about trying for Mbappe. Whether that means we get him or not is an entirely different matter, but I tell you what - if the competition is Real Madrid, then I reckon we're in the driving seat because they're on the brink financially and not fit to lace our boots on the pitch.
  9. Paul

    Drums, drumming and songs with drums

    This is fucking great: Questlove, the percussion and Black Thought rocking the mic. Roots crew!!! The Roots - You Got Me
  10. This seems to be becoming an ever hotter (excuse the pun) political issue these days. The government have made their most outspoken criticism of virtually anyone or anything today, with regard to the response of some airlines to proposals to tax/curb their carbon emissions. Recycling is suddenluy affecting nearly everyone as local authorities fulfill their new legal obligations and roll out the recycling bins. Also, the weather itself is clearly changing for all to see, having jsut left the hottest year in Britain since records began and entered one that's mooted to be hotter still. Having said all that, it's not an issue I ever hear people discussing or getting passionate about. So, how arsed are you, and what do you do?
  11. I've just realised how many quality forumites are not ST holders. Let me sell it to you: we get our own cunt-free forum that is starting to take shape nicely. The football debate in there is (weird, I know) reasoned, reasonable, passionate and engaging. There's no bickering or abuse, no repetitive and dull threads where everyone says the same thing over and over again and generally a level of ownership that has been missing from the FF for years. You can also debate other stuff too, if you like. It really does feel like the forum used to feel back in the day. It's two quid a month, people. Not earth shattering by any means for the hours of entertainment many of you get on a daily basis from TLW. Plus you get all that other stuff you used to have like an avatar and the ability to use the rep function, if you need any more of an incentive. And if that doesn't sway you, then people like Dave, NP and DT are posting regularly again. In short, it's ace but it would be even acer if the Section-shaped hole (along with many others, actually, but his is the most glaring after all these years) was filled. Come and join us in the promised land kids; you won't regret it.
  12. Paul

    The GF book thread

    I really liked Salvation. It was the first of his I’d read. I then tried Commonwealth while awaiting the second book but was bored shitless by it and fucked it off about thirty pages in.
  13. Paul

    The GF book thread

    Read the latest Uhtred book by Bernard Cornwell (no idea what it’s called, sorry) and really enjoyed it, as I have all the others. The character is still developing even as he hits (relative) old age, which I like. Looks like Cornwell is going to keep the series going until “Englaland” is fully formed and that’s sound by me. Also read Andrew Ridgeley’s Wham! biography as I really like George Michael. He was a fascinating character both musically and personally but this doesn’t really reveal much about either other than to say, “Yes he was a great singer/songwriter and yes he was gay”. I wanted to gain a much deeper understanding of him, but this was all just surface stuff: very loyal and loving of George, but also fucking dull. A missed opportunity. Currently on the new Bosch and Ballard book, which is typically good and also, as with Uhtred, continues to deal brilliantly with an ageing main character. Got the next Salvation book by Peter Hamilton (big SF stuff) waiting, as well as the well-reviewed Elton autobiography. I’m not a massive Elton fan or a massive non-fiction/biography fan. However, it’s supposed to be fucking hilarious so I bought it on those grounds.
  14. Paul

    Rage Against The Machine

    One of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.
  15. Paul

    Best albums of the last decade

    More shouts: Kendrick Lamar - good kid, m.A.A.d. city Kelela - Cut 4 Me Tyler, The Creator - Flower Boy Flying Lotus - Cosmogramma Mac Miller - The Divine Femine King Krule - The Ooz Frank Ocean - Channel Orange Kaytranada - 99.9% Solange - When I Get Home Beyoncé - Lemonade Thundercat - The Golden Age of the Apocalypse Anderson .Paak - Malibu The Avalanches - Wildflower Fatima - And Yet It’s All Love
  16. Paul

    Best albums of the last decade

    Great shouts on The ArchAndroid, Kamasi Washington and BBNG. I’d have the former right up there with TPAB.
  17. Paul

    Best albums of the last decade

    We have a winner.
  18. Paul

    The Wire

    Just listening to it now. Mad some of the shit he said about being black in the south as a kid.
  19. Advice needed please everyone. Basically junior passed his test yesterday and the already expensive car insurance we were paying for him as a learner has now leapt to an impossible two grand a year at first glance. He turns 18 in three weeks and I know that will help a tiny bit, but can you all give me some advice on how to keep him driving at the least extortionate price possible please? We want to add him to his mum's Skoda Fabia and are prepared to do a black box deal, but the whole thing seems like a mine field as I've spent hours online this morning and basically not got very far. Can anyone help please? Cheers.
  20. Watchmen is indeed dull. Another shout out for Motherland from me instead. It’s the opposite of dull. Piss yourself funny every week.
  21. Paul

    Upcoming TV Shows

    That’s a weird one. Must be for creative rather than financial reasons as it’s a guaranteed money-spinner.
  22. Paul

    Bad Wool Behaviour

    What. The. Fuck??? I’ve seen some reprehensible shit sold as food in my time but that is a new fucking low.
  23. Motherland is fucking brilliant. Piss yourself funny every week.