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"Alf Arrowsmith! (1963-64)" by Frank Dacey

A poster outside a church in Liverpool posed the question, ‘What would you do if Christ came to Liverpool today?’ Underneath, someone scrawled the reply, ‘Move St John to inside left and play him at centre-forward’.


When Bill Shankly had to face the question of how best to replace the injured Jimmy Melia in the last months of the 63-64 season he moved Ian St John to inside left but not even Shanks could summon up the almighty so instead he played Alf Arrowsmith at centre-forward.


Alf came into the team at Christmas and kept his place. He scored 18 goals in the rest of the season, including seven in the five games leading up to the 5-0 thrashing of Arsenal that clinched the title. Sadly, this was to be the high point of his career. As the next season opened with the Charity Shield, he suffered a terrible knee injury, which effectively ruined his career.


Over the next 5 seasons he only made 28 more appearances before being sold to Bury. Those who witnessed those few months in early 1964 will never forget the impact Alf Arrowsmith made.









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Ditto to the above 2 comments, Frank.


Your pieces vibrantly bring to life stories about the club that are a bit before my time. My memory of English football only goes back to 1973, maybe 1972 at a stretch.


Your illumination is much appreciated. Thanks.

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