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  1. Krul or Foster open to offers ( to buy a goa) - priceless! Great reading as always!
  2. Stand by for non stop repeats of Pardews semi final goal for Palace against us in 1990. One of the worse defeats for LFC......
  3. That's a 'shakes head' fact about Balotelli having someone to get him up and to training on time - I can't believe it. Paisley and Shanks must be turning in their graves.
  4. Just watched Peter Crouch score after 19 seconds against Arsenal. Always remember his classic hat trick for LFC against Arsenal and always have had a soft spot for him. Got me thinking how many other players LFC have sold off too early for no apparent reason. Obviously some have gone for money but Peter C ( in my opinion) went far too early..........Any others?
  5. 1. The Anfield Cat 2. Joe Allen 3. Adam Lallana (great pass for the goal) Funny how my choices both got subbed?
  6. Superb reflections and observations Paul. I avoid the press these days and only seek to read reasoned writing with a spark of optimism! YNWA
  7. Good views Paul....a good performance at West Ham is needed! ....just like at Spurs the other week.
  8. The report is a Weekend highlight! So funny!
  9. PeterB

    Youth Team/Cup

    Michael Owen is a totally anoying . Overall a good game so far but Liverpool need a finisher
  10. PeterB

    Other football

    That lad on five live was well shot down by Robbie savage!!
  11. PeterB

    Other football

    "Chelsea fans are flooding for the exits now. They have seen enough. They know even Jose Mourinho can't pull them out of this one. The Special One was serenaded by the Chelsea fans moments ago, only raising a timid hand after a while. Atletico fans responded with their own Mourinho song, which I won't translate now. Chelsea look beaten." From five live......we can translate the song!!
  12. PeterB

    Liverpool vs Chelsea (Apr 27 2014)

    I presume the welcome for the team bus will be in full flow. What time do you reckon?......could it be any bigger than the Man city welcome!
  13. PeterB

    Other football

    Funny old game saint
  14. PeterB

    Other football

    The bouncing Cech
  15. PeterB

    Other football

    Cezh down