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Found 15 results

  1. Apparently knocking Ryan Babel off. Clearly, its effecting his play as he is far too happy with himself and had lost all desire. Anyone got any decent photos they could post of her.
  2. I want to father her children Caroline Wozniacki, World’s No 1 is an LFC fan :: The Empire of The Kop – Liverpool F.C.
  3. This is the first time I've ever made a "help me make a decision in the real world" threads but there's a first time for everything. I'm currently living in a shared house. Have been for about 18 months. Used to be a real good gang in, we'd have decent parties, go out to town and generally had a laugh just drinking tea and watching the telly. Last 6 months it's gone a bit shit. Two of them have gotten together as a couple and now spend most of the time sitting in silence staring into each others eyes. The other long term housemate is the one I got on with the least and we seem to have a never ending cycle of lebanese students staying for 6 weeks at a time. Coupled with this the kids in our street have become increasingly more feral in the last few months, you may recall my Why are some kids so fucking retarded? thread which I've also bumped. Well last night when I was out they were knocking on the door apparently and got caught stealing our wheelie bin by one of the girls who chased them and today we have a smashed window at the back of the house. As a result of this (final straw etc) I have put my notice in to the landlords. It's not their fault the area is shit but if I don't feel I can stay indoors and not have to chase kids and worry about bricks flying through my window I can't justify staying here. As a result I am, rather embarrassingly, moving back in with my parents for a few months, probably until the new year when I will seek a new abode. My bird currently lives in a nice enough house in Tuebrook with a friend who is moving out around the end of the year. She knew I was unhappy with where I am (even before the last few days) and has said I could move in with her. Now we've been seeing each other for over 3 months and it'll be 6ish months if we decide to do this. My question to you GFers is how soon is too soon to make this sort of commitment? It's not like we're buying the house it's rented from one of her friends. I know there's not set rules on this but I would just like to hear some opinions/experiences from the wealth of knowledge that is the GF tl:dr - chance to move in with my bird after 6 months, should I or not?
  4. Fucking useless. Can anyone tell me why the law is so biased towards mothers getting custody when it is totally clear to anyone with a grain of common sense that if it has to be a single parent situation, kids grow up much more balanced and disciplined with a father rather than a mother. I'm working from home today, and the silly single mum bitch that lives next door to me (renting, of course) is once again completely out of her depth when it comes to controlling her kids, whom I can hear running riot round her as she no doubts whines on Facebook about how their father is late/early/on-time to pick them up again. When I'm Prime Minister, the three options in order of preference enshrined in law will be: a. two parent family, of course b. custody to the father c. adopted by the gays c. children taken into care d. adopted by wolves/apes Women simply can't cope on their own. Proper rounded parenting is just more thing that they're not very good at. It's not their fault of course - had they been born men they'd be fine. Just bad luck I suppose. Following the steps above, crime rates will drop dramatically, behaviour in school will improve resulting in better results, and the economy and general social well-being of the nation will see tangible benefits. Plus I could concentrate on getting some work done without having to listen to the screams coming from next door. You know it makes sense. Noos-sense. Vote Noos.
  5. [YOUTUBE]dDwyvUixUY8[/YOUTUBE] Sometimes kids cross the line but isn't this a bit over the top? :eek: Stealing is wrong and him being a Judge means he knows the consequences but the guy behaves like a psycho at times.
  6. I was asked if i had my own Piece yesterday Yea you heard me right Piece! Anywas why i found that disrespectful i continued to talk. I answered no I'm not worthy yet. One of the Lads turned to me after laaghing and called me a faggot very seriously. To which i replied actually caring about women? I dont have a Stable Job, I live with my parents so the way i see it is my parents are looking after me. Im in allot of debt which is being payed, So im not financialy stabe despite doing some labouring. I don't fit the Bill to be a Dad, So in my eyes I'm not worthy of a Girl Friend yet. As much as i want too i dont even see myself worthy of having one night stands. Even if you play safe theres a slight chance. Then what? Some girl you dont know anything about has your child? How do you look after it? ?You cant look after yourself. My question is Should people be prepared for a Chid before even having Sex will never happen happen and something i didnt give a fuck about 7 years ago. But i do know so i will be cewlebate till im worthy unless im smashed out of my head and have no choice ;)
  7. ...Actually I'm going on a first date and I was wondering is it a bad idea to turn up empty handed and if so, what should I bring as a gift? I think flowers/chocs etc are too cliched and I am clueless here. Please help this sad fat bald git get the girl. Thanks.
  8. Any of you mugs be able to give me good information on the place? I'm heading over for the boxing on Saturday but plan to give the city a lash on Friday with the Missus as it's our anniversery so any decent places to eat and drink which would have decent music would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
  9. Got this in a mail from Jessicarobertt. Has this person been banned yet for this shit?
  10. Is it normal? Been with the missus for about 5 years now. She's got an older sister who I wouldnt normally be attracted to. She's got better tits than my bird though, I'll give her that. The thing is im developing a bit of an unhealthy obsession with her. There's nothing I want more right now than to stick my willy in her pussy hole.
  11. Recently got this sent to my inbox...not a joke... What's the fucking scam here?
  12. Serious question. I'm having trouble with an assignment. And when I mean trouble I mean I don't even know what the first thing to do is. My learning disability's chosen crunch exam time to do its worst to me so my mind is a complete blank. I've got to answer 3 questions. One of them's like this: The RockOn Company makes batteries for cellular telephones. Recently the R&D department has developed a new battery that it believes will be less expensive to produce. The R&D engineers are concerned, however, about the consistency in the lasting power of the battery. If there is too much inconsistency in battery life, cellular phone users will be unwilling to buy RockOn batteries even if they are less expensive. Engineers have specified that the standard deviation of battery life must be less than 5 hours. A sample of 100 RockOn new batteries is drawn and the life span of each has been recorded. Is there enough evidence at the 5% significance level to infer that the engineer’s requirements are being satisfied? The other 2 are similar to this. There's an Excel file with the raw data in it. I just need to know if anyone understands this and could even help me with what they think I should do in my first step.. just send me a PM please. Please no jokes. It's been a bit of a long day and I can't even begin to explain how much I hate myself and any other powers that have made me sick. I'm kind of on edge. If anyone understands stats or anything in the above question please PM me. Even the tiniest bit of help would be welcome. I don't need it solving I just need to know what to do. And somehow despite going through the book several times and thinking I know how to go about it, my mind is still blank.
  13. Whilst perusing the imported beers in Tesco this evening I happened upon a little gem hidden away at the back. One of Estonias finest, Viru! Takes me back a few years to a Stag do in Tallin that one. Pity it wasn't Saku though. So, anything out there you've spotted and like to share?
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