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    Martin Kelly

    Behave, Johnson is the better right back.
  2. 18-5


    The irony of Everton fans singing "you racist bastards" lol.
  3. 18-5

    Tickets still available for tonight

    @Grout Well said my man. Most of the mongs from the members forum have a sense of entitlement. They don't allow others to express opinions or criticize the team. This is a Liverpool forum, where else are we supposed to express our concerns? Trying to get people banned for criticizing the team is a low point imo. Also the idea of repping and negging people is shite imo. Cunts treat it as some sort of privilege lol. Liverpool football club is not about the privileged and I hope that some of the members get that. One of the main reasons I did not register is because I did not want to be part of the privileged prize pricks forum. All are equal if you are a supporter of Liverpool football club.
  4. 18-5

    Tickets still available for tonight

    I ain't here to entertain you faggot.
  5. 18-5

    Tickets still available for tonight

    We won the CL under Rafa in his first year. Under Kenny we crashed out of the Europa league. We won the FA cup in Rafa's second year, we won the Carling Cup under Kenny. Kenny is for the romantics not for those who are practical. Rafa was more successful, period.
  6. 18-5

    Tickets still available for tonight

    Win% under Rafa >>> Win% under Kenny I don't even need to look at the stats lol.
  7. 18-5

    Tickets still available for tonight

    We would be winning the league under Rafa.
  8. Darren Gough and Durham on Talksport going on about Kenny. Anyone have the guts to listen to this lol?
  9. Appoint Rafa and the goals will come.
  10. 18-5

    Tickets still available for tonight

    Shows how confident the fans are about the team. We have been pretty useless in the league. No value for money and all that shite lol.
  11. 18-5

    Raheem Sterling and others

    The Daily Mong selling him to Tottenham. Seriously though, they are not ready yet. We have to be patient and develop them properly.
  12. 18-5

    Tom Adeyemi

    We should apologise on behalf of the CPS for not finding him guilty.