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  1. Supremolad

    Premier League Round Up (May 23 2021)

    Good one, Dave. I think VAR and incompetent refs should have had a special category too for absolutely shafting us this season.
  2. Supremolad

    Nathaniel Phillips

    What a mad shout from Code. Just coming back to read it. What the actual fuck? So playing Phillips was a factor in Mane and Firmino failing to put away numerous chances in the 2nd half of the season ? Even his beloved Salah wasnt above missing some clear chances. Jota who had been clinical even started missing numerous good chances too. That Phillips fella must have really put a jinx on all of them, causing us as a team to have a low conversion rate.
  3. Supremolad

    Ozan Kabak

    We can easily have 6 options. I'm not saying all of them have to be world class. We already even have the options on ground. Fuck needing to have Fabinho as an option there Is it really unreasonable that we go into next season having Van Dijk, Matip, Gomez, Konate, Phillips and Davies? That's your 6 right there with 2 of those being on low enough wages. We simply need that number because our 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice CBs are all likely to pick niggling injuries due to being out for so long with serious injuries.
  4. Supremolad

    Nathaniel Phillips

  5. Supremolad

    Ozan Kabak

    To be honest, I dont want us to ever again be in a situation which requires Fabinho needing to cover center back. Seen it suggested by a couple people as being ok to have 4 CBs and Fabinho as cover. I'd rather we go into next season with 6 proper CB options and leave Fabinho in his best position permanently.
  6. If Henderson is fit as he seems and has trained a couple times, I really wont mind having him at CB next to Phillips for this game.
  7. Supremolad

    Burnley 0 Liverpool 3 (May 19 2021)

    I think there was an incident when Mane was challenged by a Burnley player and went down. Ref waved it off. That was the cue for their crowd to think Mane was diving. They started booing him right after that.
  8. Seems Jota is definitely in with a shout for making the bench, according to the Athletic. Would be nice to have him there, just in case the starting 11 decide to make it interesting by needing a goal in the final half hour.
  9. Supremolad

    West Brom (A) - Sunday 16th May, 4:30pm

    Skysports going in heavy with "Liverpool got a controversial equaliser" because Dean didnt give a drop ball. Cunts.
  10. Supremolad

    West Brom (A) - Sunday 16th May, 4:30pm

    Salah pointing to Mane in appreciation. Nice.
  11. Supremolad

    West Brom (A) - Sunday 16th May, 4:30pm

    Fuck Mike Dean. He is giving them every little thing.
  12. Supremolad

    Nathaniel Phillips

    Lovely assist. Lovely clearance off the line. Lovely show of character throughout the game. Just a lovely lad. Also did well to escape the emphatic finish into his own net being classed as an own goal. Real lovely.
  13. Supremolad

    Youth Team/Cup

    Got the job done. Not a great performance but the better team did win. Great sub which paid off almost instantly. Hope they go on to lift the trophy.
  14. Supremolad

    Youth Team/Cup

    Very poor error by the goalie. Hopefully the timing and nature of the goal hasn't knocked confidence out of the lads.
  15. Supremolad

    Mohamed Salah

    You already answered it here. In the past month, I can recall more than a few chances which Salah set up for others. 3 clear ones for Mane in particular which were all wasted. Our brutal finishing is what has limited the number of assists he has recorded this season. Not exempting Salah himself from some of our shit finishing, which has also denied some other Liverpool players a number of assists.