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  1. So there is still no decision on how the final table would be calculated if the season gets called off during the restart. Wonder why voting on that issue is being dragged out for so long.
  2. Supremolad


    I made the error of checking the comments on this story on the BBC facebook page regarding this good gesture by our players. And I literally had to shake my head. The vitriol and abuse our club was receiving for doing a decent thing shouldn't have surprised me but it still did. One idiot even went as far as saying Liverpool shouldn't receive any credit for this because we are at fault for rushing the PL back into resumption, leading to more covid 19 deaths. Mind boggling.
  3. Do note that, I am not disputing Deeney's right to protect his infant son from infection. I am just addressing the BAME portion of his argument. And I think if that part was explained to BAME football players, they would understand it better.
  4. Spot on. I'm sure TK421 has no agenda regarding the BAME thing but proper context isn't being provided. I am black myself, so I feel the need to provide insight regarding the issue. In America and the UK, people of color are only at a higher risk based on bad living conditions due to poverty and/or type of jobs they have to do. When it is cited that people of color are at higher risk of death from covid, some people like Deeney are ignoring or unaware of the nuance involve. That specific situation is very community dependent. So for example, a rich black man in his 30s like Deeney, is at a far lower risk of dying than a black man in the same age range who lives in the ghetto with poor living conditions, who has to take public transport to work in a Tesco where he would be exposed to even more people. Hope this post helps regarding the issue.
  5. Yep. I dont think 6 from 478 is high at all. That's only 0.8%. Lower than the figures Bundesliga had when testing was done at same stage, apparently. First round of testing was always going to produce a few positive results. Actually thought it would be in double figures. Players being in lockdown doesnt mean they couldnt have picked the virus from family members, or other forms of shenanigans as seen in the past couple months.
  6. If Deeney had come out straight away with the 5 month old son issue, no one would have suspected him of having a hidden agenda. He should just have stated the situation first time around and made his position clear. Didn't need to be in press stories almost every other day. Instead, Mr. Cojones has been constantly raising hell about returning to football not being safe and then going on to later say black players are at higher risk. The stats however show that there is very low risk overall to people in his age range with no underlying health conditions, regardless of race. It all smacks of him being overdramatic and self entitled. He surely isn't the only player with vulnerable family members. PL footballers are in a highly privileged position during this pandemic. They would be getting tested twice or thrice a week. They would be working in the safest conditions possible. And they have been earning shitloads of money even while not playing. Compare and contrast to millions of ordinary low income earners who also have vulnerable family members, but who have to go back to work with no testing done.
  7. The whinging cunts are blatantly taking the piss, asking for 6 weeks of training. The players in the German league were good to go after 3 weeks or so. And also FIFA have allowed for 5 subs to be used to protect these players further.
  8. He might have legitimate concerns but he is also being a thick cunt the way he keeps going on about this. He says "wait a month", but is that not the idea anyway? PL isnt scheduled to come back until June. No one is asking them to play right now in May. And also, UEFA have stated that they want all domestic competitions wrapped up by August so that they can complete the CL and EL. Doesn't Murray know about this? And newsflash, there'll always be people dying of coronavirus until a vaccine is found. So unless he is prepared to sit on his ass till next year with no football and with the possibility of Brighton going bust, he should shut the fuck up.
  9. Apparently, Liverpool are promising to field strongest possible line ups for each of the remaining 9 games. That's commendable on our part. Although I dont think we owe those cunts in the bottom 6 any favours. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2020/05/10/liverpool-will-field-strongest-line-up-remaining-premier-league/
  10. Earlier in this thread, I had raised the issue of desperate clubs using the "our players mysteriously have covid 19" card to pressure the league into being cancelled. So I'm not surprised we have gotten to that stage already. The objection to neutral venues was just a precursor. These cunts are ready to use this pandemic to their fullest benefit. The Premier League should have envisaged this situation and tried to pre-empt it before the likes of Villa and Brighton start gaining traction. Straight off, when Project Restart became a thing, they should have said that if any of your players get infected, we'll still go ahead as long as the other players test negaitive. Cant just call off everything as soon as a few positive tests pop up.
  11. It's not really a "nonsense" to say fans would turn up outside the stadium at home games even when they know it's against social distancing guidelines. A very large majority of football fans are smart and law abiding. But a small percentage are not. And that small percentage is significant enough to cause issues. For example, maybe Villa have a crucial game at home and 5% of their 100,000 fans who live in the Midlands stupidly decide to show up outside the stadium (for moral support). That's 5,000 people congregating and needing intervention of police. And also bringing the risk of further spread. So it really isn't insignificant at all. There was a similar example with PSG in the champions league when they played behind closed doors just before the lockdown. A large crowd of their fans still showed up despite warnings not to. Neutral venues is really a sensible solution for the PL. The relegation threatened clubs are just clutching at any straw available. If it wasn't neutral venues, they would find other excuses regarding player welfare or them being at a disadvantage because of their smaller squads etc
  12. Some are saying it isn't fair on the relegation threatened clubs to change the rules of the competition by asking them to play at neutral venues. Then the same clubs turn around and ask for the rules to be changed for them to avoid relegation. It's all bollocks.
  13. The clubs kicking up a fuss about neutral venues are surely taking the piss. All remaining games are to be played behind closed doors anyway, so there is hardly any home advantage to be had if they did play it at home.
  14. Glenn Murray is already crying it on Skysports. Saying the hygienic conditions and rules being proposed for the restart are "farcical". If players are going to say they are scared to play out the season, then they should be forced to donate all the wages they would be paid for the two uncompleted months, in my opinion.