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    Chelsea 2 Liverpool 0 (Mar 3 2020)

    Origi playing from the left is the single most annoying decision consistently taken. I see people slag Origi off for being shite but in the last couple games when he started at centre forward this season, he scored twice vs Arsenal and twice vs Everton. Center forward is Origi's best position. Klopp really has to ditch this experiment of playing him on the left. He is always absolutely woeful there as Dave correctly pointed out.
  2. Just watched Neville's Soccerbox episode which featured Michael Owen. Here are his quotes towards the end of the episode when Neville asked him about his controversial move to Utd- "The last thing I am going to do is apologise because I loved the 3 years I was at Man Utd. Very proud to have played for an unbelievably big team. I was still playing in the champions league for Man Utd in my thirties, so that's a cause for celebration in my mind". That's the Michael Owen who should be welcomed home? Yes, I have some sympathy that he did try to get a move back to Liverpool from Madrid and things just didnt work out. But going to Man Utd and then coming out with quotes like the above is why it would be difficult to wipe the slate clean for him.