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  1. Fantastic news. I haven't felt as excited since Cammolli's appointment. get in.
  2. Yeah, also, white, yank, smart etc...
  3. I agree with your bullshit mate. You sound legitimate. He is not simply the best olympian of all time, but also the best human in sports ever, from the ancient years to today. How could a white, yank not be clean. Only the blacks and the foreigners take drugs to enhance their performance as they are racially inferior. Good point also about the rumours and the tabloids. Therefore, considering there were no rumours, he is clean.
  4. So great to see Phelps, a true white yank winning another of his clean olympic medals. Everyone should take example from him and all the white, yank drug free superathletes. Such a superior race. All the rest simply wish we were one of them.
  5. We bought more world class players. Thank you FSG.
  6. FSG are growing our franchise while taking a shite on it. We really enjoy it. Thank you FSG.
  7. Who is that cuntface, next to the Serb cumbacket? the cunt is ruining the pictures with his annoying face.
  8. The smelly, fat, Greek bastard will pay a heavy price for this. I will knock up his entire fat smelly family.
  9. I really like Wijnaldum and Mane. +(+83(287-
  10. We are obviously a small framchise with very little support. I hope the white intelligent yanks can develop our franchise.
  11. No we won sell out because obviously we are a small football franchise. We are not like West Ham UTD, PSG, Boston Red Socks or Vancouver Grizzlies. Only FSG can grow our franchise and make it competitive.
  12. FSG played another blinder with Benteke. Well done Superintelligent, assfucked Yanks.
  13. Nice biffy cunt. The flaps look chewy and the hair is trimmed to perfection. She's got a bit of an annoyingly angry face and some shite meaningless body ink, but after tasting the bossy, throbbing BBC she will be purring. Yo.
  14. Only pricks with long erected, throbbing dicks should be allowed around the bushes where she swims. Some would go as far as to make a castle in the sand and let her sit on it and fart it.
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