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    This new "let them play" refereeing

    As usual the English refs and media seem to have taken a good idea (let the game flow as much as possible, fouls shouldn't be given for clear dives or exaggerated reactions to minor contact) and come up with a distorted and braindead interpretation of it (dirty yard dog challenges are completely fine and shit defenders can just try and kick flair players out of the game with impunity). The officiating so far this season seems designed to benefit the shittest footballers and anti football teams like Burnley.
  2. mike23

    Liverpool 1 Chelsea 1 (Aug 28 2021)

    Agree that it's hard to know what to make of this result and performance. It did feel like we should have caused 10 men a lot more trouble than we did, but as you say there's no better team than Chelsea in this situation. It's not even just a current thing under Tuchel. They seem to have had managers and players who have thrived in such situations for years. I remember them being down to 10 men protecting a 1 goal lead for the whole of the second half against Barcelona's vintage team and Barcelona just looking completely bereft of any ideas of how to break them down and just having cross after cross easily cut out. It will be a lot more concerning if that failure to break teams down, or even looking like doing so, becomes a common problem against lesser teams. I've loved the first few weeks of the season but this was definitely a bit of a downer. Not just our second half performance but Taylor's as well. I'd almost forgotten how infuriating the refs consistently were during our bad run last season. Not always in terms of big decisions (although there were plenty of those as well) but just the accumulation of numerous small decisions going against us that made it impossible to ever build any momentum and eventually just seemed to wear our players down. I'd hoped it would be different this year with fans back in the ground, but that might not be the case on the basis of this game. Those stats on the foul counts are ridiculous. Klopp would no doubt get lambasted by the moronic British sports media if he complained about Taylor's performance in this game, particularly in light of the game's biggest decision going in our favour, but it would be great if he just mentioned those stats in the press conference before the next game we have with Taylor in charge. That sort of bias needs greater scrutiny.
  3. mike23

    Euro 2020 Round Up (Final)

    I seem to just feel complete indifference for the national team these days. I don't root against them like some on here but I'm never really arsed if they lose. Years of turgid football and the large number of nobheads the national team attracts have made it hard to really care about them. Last night I was rooting for Italy for the simple reason that I'd bet on them to win the tournament. England were ultimately just too negative last night and paid the price for it. Italy looked a bit shellshocked after the early goal and were pretty awful for the first half hour. That was the time to go for the kill but instead England just sat back and played it ultra safe. Once Italy sorted themselves out the equaliser always looked inevitable. I agree about it being terrible management to select Saka for the fifth penalty. So ridiculous and unfair to give such an important penalty to such a young lad. I don't really agree with bringing on players right at the end just to take penalties either. I remember Carragher being brought on solely to take a spot kick against Portugal at a world cup, and he ended up missing as well. It seems to just add even more pressure on the takers and they don't even get chance to get a feel for the game. It's been a pretty enjoyable tournament. I couldn't really get into the group stages as there were too many dull games and little in the way of jeopardy due to most third placed teams qualifying, but the knockout stages have been decent. Spain vs Italy was a really decent game as well and I can't really remember any complete snoozefests (maybe the first 70 minutes of England vs Germany). Like any international tournaments, though, it's just been a brief minor distraction before getting back to the proper football business. Here's to a few weeks of endless transfer speculation before the new domestic season gets underway.
  4. mike23

    Other football - 2020/21

    I guess the football Gods decided if we were going to win the league then we'd have to suffer an absolutely horrible season afterwards. A City-Chelsea champions league final seems the perfect way to finish off this godawful season. The only way it probably could have been any worse was an all Manchester final (just felt a shudder at the sheer thought of that ever happening). Chelsea winning it would be the least unpleasant outcome just because I find Pep, this City squad, and pretty much everyone associated with City these days so dislikeable. It's probably best Madrid didn't somehow fluke their way through tonight because they'd have got absolutely slaughtered by City in the final. It really shows how poor we were though to get knocked out by them.
  5. mike23

    Our Finishing...

    Oh come on, that result today was entirely on the forwards. Sure we could have easily conceded a fair few times as Newcastle had some other good chances but the main issue today by some distance was the forwards. If they'd been even moderately efficient we'd have been out of sight and never been at risk of what happened at the end. Those weren't half chances they were missing.
  6. mike23

    Liverpool 0 Real Madrid 0 (Apr 14 2021)

    Good luck to the marketing department trying to shift any season 'highlights' DVDs for this season. The annoying thing is it's all been so depressing and abject that I can't even find any solace in watching old highlights from last season. I've had a documentary about last season recorded off Sky Arts since about the end of January and still not been able to find any desire to watch it. I don't want to hear a load of self-congratulatory hyperbole about last year when we've fallen so far so quickly since. It's starting to look more and more like we need a considerable rebuild rather than everything being magically better next year. Rather than the last 2 years being the start of a sustained period of being at the top, it's starting to look more and more like it was the peak of that team. Maybe occasional spells like that are the very best we can hope for these days when other teams have bottomless pits of money to spend. Good report of last night. We were good, not great, but ultimately did far too many things wrong over the 2 legs to go through. As well as the finishing last night the final balls so often just seemed to be a bit off. There were a few attacks that broke down in the first half because key passes were delayed or were played a a bit behind their target and momentum was lost as a result. At our best, when everyone was full of confidence, those passes would have been played automatically and been spot on. It's hard to imagine we'd have been able to beat any of the other teams left. I watched the games between Bayern and PSG and couldn't help but think they looked light years ahead of us at the moment. It was a depressing contrast to just 2 years ago when Bayern looked almost scared of us over the 2 legs.
  7. mike23

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Yeah, they're loving getting their little digs in and coming up with all sorts of rumours as to what's going on. But the only way to change that is to stop losing. Otherwise it won't be going away.
  8. mike23

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    You've got to wonder what the point of buying Davies was if he's behind even Reece Williams in the pecking order. I wonder what was said to Davies when he did sign. He seemed to be on the verge of signing for Celtic, and I can't imagine he'd have turned that down just to be on the practice squad here. No idea if he's any good or not but it's strange how he's just not been involved at all when there are so few other options.
  9. mike23

    Liverpool 0 Chelsea 1 (Mar 4 2021)

    Would have been nice to see Keita as well. I know he'll probably be injured again in a few days, but he surely would have brought more to the game than Ox did (hard to imagine he could have brought any less). Weird subs to round off another crappy performance. I always said I wouldn't care how shit the season was after we finally won the league again, and the football Gods seem to have decided to fully test my resolve on that statement. I'm starting to think our players were beamed up by aliens and replaced with lookalikes around the 20 minute mark of the West Brom game because no logical reason can account for just how bad they've been since then.
  10. mike23

    Too nice?

    There was an incident in the game yesterday when Firmino fouled one of their players. He helped him up and then jogged out of the way whilst the Chelsea player took a quick freekick. Compare that to pretty much every other team having someone stand in front of the ball when they give up a foul against us. I don't want us to turn into a Mourinho team but our players do need to develop a bit of a cynical streak.
  11. mike23

    Roberto Firmino

    Any word of when Jota is due back? Seems like his injury has gone on for way longer than the initial suggestions (that seems to have been the case with most of our injuries this year). The initial reports suggested the start of February, and I even remember some stories coming out that he might be back in January. But I've not even seen anything recently suggesting he's close.
  12. mike23

    Thiago Alcantara

    Agreed about Firmino. He was great for a couple of seasons, but he's been living off past glories for quite a while now. We won the league despite him last season, mainly because the defence was solid and Mane and Salah were lethal. When others have struggled and we've needed him to step up this season, he's been even worse. He seems to either completely mishit every shot he has or concentrate so much on hitting the target that he gets no power behind them at all. Four decent chances in the game against Everton and he didn't strike a single one of them with any conviction whatsoever. I don't think we need a complete overhaul next season, but we won't be back challenging if Firmino is playing week in week out again.
  13. mike23

    Thiago Alcantara

    He's been poor but so have most players recently. Let's see what he's like in a functioning team before we write him off (hopefully this season is an anomaly and we'll be back next year). Maybe he just is a bad fit for us and won't work out, but let's give him more than a few months to prove otherwise. He looked a class act in Bayern's champions league games last season.
  14. mike23

    Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Feb 20 2021)

    Think I might be done with watching our league games. What's the point? I just spent the entire second half shouting at the telly and getting increasingly angrier at just about everything that was going on, whether it was the ref or our impotence in front of goal. Finally turned it off after that farce with the penalty. Lockdown is miserable enough without watching this crap every week. Top 4 isn't happening. I'm not even sure top half is happening any more. Maybe we'll miss out on Europe altogether and can at least avoid the slog of the Europa League next year. It will be interesting to see if these refs dare carry on officiating our games like this when fans are back (hopefully that will be next season). Champions league? Who knows. At least we won't be up against the officials in that. It may be the only football I watch for the rest of the season. But in truth it seems ridiculous to imagine us beating City, Bayern or PSG in our present state, It's hard to have much belief in us beating anyone in our present state. I actually kinda have some sympathy for the null and void brigade from last season now because I'd be more than happy to just pretend this utter abortion of a season never happened.
  15. mike23

    Other football - 2020/21

    Yeah they're all moaning about how they've had nothing since Klopp's comments. More like they've finally had a few matches that were refereed fairly. It's why I think Klopp needs to keep now just bringing up dodgy calls going against us in every press conference. Put the spotlight on the officials. Maybe eventually there will be proper scrutiny of their decisions in our games if they decide to carry on like they have with us all season.
  16. mike23

    Other football - 2020/21

    Didn't see the interview. He wasn't actually moaning about the penalty not being given was he? I don't agree with VAR getting involved to overturn it for the foul as I suppose you could just about say there was enough there to justify the ref's on pitch decision (although as usual it was so soft that no one other than United would have got it), but more importantly it was just obviously offside and everything else should have been irrelevant after that. Absolutely incredible that the officials didn't seem to check the offside. Did they just forget about it like with the Pickford incident? Can they seriously not check more than one thing at any one time? Right decision somehow reached but for all the wrong reasons. The thread on Redcafe just gave me a much needed laugh. They'd be in the bottom half without all the help they've had from officials this year.
  17. mike23

    Other football - 2020/21

    Bit harsh on Leeds. They just look like a very inconsistent team to me. They've looked really good in some matches and dreadful in others. Our game against them at the start of the season would be pretty low down on performances to be unhappy about this season.
  18. mike23

    Other football - 2020/21

    You couldn't make it up, but there's actually a thread on Redcafe where they're moaning about United being hard done by with refereeing decisions this season.
  19. mike23

    Leicester City 3 Liverpool 1 (Feb 13 2021)

    Spot on with every word. If we weren't in lockdown with so little else to do, then I genuinely think I'd have given up on football this season by now. Football fans always tend to think the refs are against them but this year has been something else. The only hope is that we will at least get fair officials in the Champions League. I don't even care if Leipzig beat us - just as long as its on sporting merit.
  20. mike23

    Liverpool 1 Man City 4 (Feb 7 2021)

    No idea how this team have fallen so far so quickly but we've got certainly got real problems. There's only so much you can blame the injuries for and this has gone way beyond that. This group of players have been amazing for a couple of years, but they've been an absolute embarrassment since the West Brom game.
  21. mike23

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 4 2021)

    Both that incident and the Walcott foul on Milner took place right in front of the linesman. Absolutely unreal that neither was given. It wasn't just the ref last night. His assistants and whoever was working the VAR were every bit as bad.
  22. mike23

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 4 2021)

    Excellent report. Unreal how little was made of the handball in the box. That was a penalty even by the old interpretations of the rule, let alone the stricter new ones. I always think the reactions of players are pretty telling in those incidents. Sometimes you see half-assed appeals where it's clear a player is hoping the ref will view it as a penalty but doesn't really believe it will be given. Gini was going absolutely mad over this one because he knew it was absolutely blatant. For someone to look at that on VAR and say no penalty is just a complete disregard of the rules as far as I'm concerned and every bit as iffy as the disallowed goal at Everton. It wasn't given because they simply didn't want to give it and you have to ask why that is. I don't know why it is but we're just getting fuck all this season and I've given up believing it will even out at all. More likely it will just continue all season or we'll get a few token decisions at the end of the season when the league's already gone to try and make it look as though it was fair. You've mentioned narratives and I wonder if the bullshit narrative spun by jealous opposition fans all last season of us being helped by officials has got into the officials' heads and this year it's payback. Having to listen to Tyler's and Alan Smith's barely concealed glee all match made it even more of a frustrating watch. Can we just have every game on Amazon with Ally McCoist? (although even he might have struggled to find anything nice to say about our front 3 last night).
  23. mike23

    Liverpool 1 West Brom 1 (Dec 27 2020)

    I thought it was a foul for their goal as well. When you consider how long they looked at our winner against Spurs for and that penalty incident against Fulham the other week, it's pretty galling that it either wasn't even looked at at all or wasn't reviewed with anything like the same degree of scrutiny. It was the same with the foul on Mane. It at least warranted a proper review. I hate to be one of those people who moans about refereeing conspiracies against us, but it certainly feels like we have to win every game by at least 2 goals at the moment, because if there's a decision to be made in a close game then it goes against us every single time. But mostly we just have ourselves to blame for a very under par performance yesterday. Hopefully we get a big response at Newcastle on Wednesday. And then a tough game at Southampton, but maybe playing against a team who will actually attempt to play football may suit us more. It does feel like it's the anti football teams that we always seem to have the most trouble against.
  24. mike23

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 8 2020)

    I thought for a horrible moment that Alisson was going to have to go off when he seemed to hurt his shoulder in the second half. The idea of Adrian playing the final half hour of a game like that would be the stuff of nightmares. I'd forgotten about that penalty incident in the second half, but I remember being really pissed off at the time about it. For me it's not just the fact that they're ruining football with these bullshit interpretations of the offside law and handball rule, it's the fact that there's not even any consistency in how they're applied. Of course it shouldn't have been a penalty, but if you're giving the one in the first half where you're basically saying any incident where it hits the hand is a penalty no matter how close or unavoidable it is, then you have to give the second one as well. It was the same when Spurs drew at home to Newcastle the other week. Newcastle got a ridiculous late penalty, but it was made worst by the fact Spurs weren't awarded one for a virtually identical incident earlier on in the game. There's no consistency or accountability, and it's getting to the point where games seem more likely to be decided on the whim of the officials than how well a team plays.
  25. mike23

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    On top of everything else, I'm blaming that prick on VAR for the fact I've managed to get virtually no work for university done this week. Been far too wound up to just sit down and concentrate on it ever since the full time whistle went yesterday. Worst possible news on van Dijk. It seemed inevitable after the way this weekend had gone. Big challenge ahead now but, as you say, it's not like he's the only world class player we have. A few people are talking as though the season is over. This squad deserves more trust than that. Things look bleak but this squad won't just throw the towel in. And even if this is a bleak moment, we can all take solace in the fact that we don't support Everton. Forget all the fawning over their start to the season. They looked no better yesterday than they have in any other derby in the last decade. Within a few months they'll have slipped down to 7th or 8th and be as irrelevant as they have been every other year for the past 2 and a half decades.