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    Polo Shirts

    #Team Fred
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    Fucking hell, Barry. Just goes to show you never know what might be going on for people behind those bluff facades. All the luck in the world, mister
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    There was a similarly named thread a little while back but it didnt feel the appropriate place for this post (if you do a search you'll see why!) I have toyed with posting on here about this on and off over the past few months but always decided against it until now...and even as I write this I'm wondering if I'm doing the right thing. It is not about sympathy. I was diagnosed with depression a few months ago. This is my first experience of this illness and I wondered what experiences others might have/have had and what has and has not worked for them with the idea that these experiences might be helpful for others. In brief, depression crept up on me towards the end of the summer and was at its worst during August. I am so grateful to 'this place' for the distraction and company during that time when I hardly went out (except for when I went out on my bike...something, strangely, I managed to keep up) Things picked up a bit after that and in strange circumstances seemed to sort themselves out almost overnight at the beginning of October. In the weeks after that I thought I had put it behind me and then at the beginning of the month I began to feel it creeping back and this has escalated over the past week or so. I think I know some of the reasons for the onset of my depression in the first place but I cannot explain why I have had this second dip (a double dip depression I am describing it in my head) which only seems to add to the upset I feel. Like many others, when I first began to feel low I kept things to myself but in the end couldnt keep it in any longer and spoke to family and friends. I cant tell you how supportive they have been and how pleased they have been to see me getting better.......and now that I am feeling things falling apart again I just feel so awful admitting this to myself and to all those lovely people who have looked after me. I have seen my GP this week and I have started some antidepressant medication but I just wanted to hear if anyone else has had any similar experiences or any advice to offer me or others about what has/has not worked for them/people they know Thanks
  4. A site search threw up neko's Gardening thread but that's way to serious for me and I cant even dream to match his professional skills but I do love my garden. Maybe there are others out there who feel the same way or are just putting their toe in the water..... Anyway, we've had a good day today and I've been out continuing my Spring clear up but its really noticeable how far behind things are compared even to last year. I'm planning to replant the bottom of our garden and bulk out some of the other borders that are looking a bit lost at the moment. My veggies were a washout last year but if the weather brightens up in the next week or two I may put some of the more hardy things like courgettes and peas in and cross my fingers. And now I'm having a beer. What's anyone else up to?
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    The Foodie thread

    I would like a frying pan I can put in the oven. Any recommendations?
  6. Champ

    Happy Fathers Day

    Happy Fathers Day to all of you. Especially the first timers. Love them to bits X And I hope your Dad deserves his. (How come I'd not think that was so applicable to Mums?)
  7. Champ

    Spring Cleaning

    Full of plastic, aren’t they?https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07d5xx1https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07d5xx1
  8. Champ

    Spring Cleaning

    ‘Thank you for sharing that with the class, Colin’
  9. Champ

    Spring Cleaning

    Think of the environment
  10. Champ

    Happy Fathers Day

    It might not have meant much to him but these kind of days are always going to be there. Look after yourself, ted. And everyone else missing their dads. Or other people
  11. Anyone know what happened to Bjornebye? CT? Just noticed that he is now marked as a Registered User. Did I miss something?
  12. I make no secret of my love of long days and warm weather on here but with all that fast disappearing I need to find ways of looking at the cold, miserable (views not shared by all) months of the year differently. I can see there are loads of seasonal foods that are definitely worth their place on here and winter clothes can be quite fun but what other things do people like about this time of year?
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    2019/20 Fixtures

    I think you’ll be looking for the Members lounge
  14. Champ

    2019/20 Fixtures

    But are you any the wiser, Mudface?
  15. Champ

    Who will replace her? NSFT

    My Twitter needs some serious editing. Their self satisfied smary faces popping up all over the show are getting me down
  16. Champ

    2019/20 Fixtures

    Just that
  17. I’ve just watched the first episode of Summer of Rockets BBC2 on iplayer. I’ve no idea whether it’s fact or fiction but it’s beautiful to look at
  18. Champ

    Classic British Foods

    No! ‘To be fair’. People seem to drop it into sentences where it has no meaning at all. Annoys the life out of me
  19. Champ

    Classic British Foods

    (I don’t normally like the expression) but to be fair they are pretty good
  20. Champ

    Classic British Foods

    Well, yeah, because there are scotch eggs and there are scotch eggs. There are those dismal, plastic wrapped, mass produced efforts that fester in petrol station chiller cabinets and there are the ones that you get at good delis and farmers type markets which are just fabulous with cold beer on a hot day
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    The Pre-Season Thread

    I don’t know who sets the pricing. Is it Scottish Rugby because prices for their matches can be eye watering. But, yeah, a 3 quid charge on every ticket. Ticketbastard indeed
  22. Champ

    The Pre-Season Thread

    I’m hoping you managed to get past their selection of £67.50 tickets? Colleague at work had fancied taking his young boys to see some real football but was frightened off after Find Tickets presented him with that offer and then not being able to navigate beyond that. Bloody racket
  23. Champ

    FAO Tony Moanero

    Tony, if you read this, let us know how you are. You wrote on here about your fear that cancer you had had previously had returned and there were many on here who encouraged you to go and see your doctor. I haven't heard from you since the day before the appointment you told us about. I know people are waiting to hear how you are. Thinking about you. Cath
  24. Champ

    The Virtues

    Just watched the final episode. I’m ragged