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  1. Scottish Steve

    TLW History Thread

    More history you were never taught in school. Battle of Bamber Bridge Jun 24, 1943 – Jun 25, 1943 On this day in 1943 black American soldiers faced off with white American Military police during World War II on British soil. Yes you read correctly black American soldiers had to fight their own white American soldiers, while in England, where they were fighting for the world. Why? Because the English town of Bamber Bridge in Lancashire was not segregated so they treated the black soldiers like all other races, aka blacks were free to eat, drink anywhere, BUT back in America segregation of blacks and whites still existed. So essentially the American army went to someone else’s country and demanded they adopted America’s racist practices So when the American Military police found out that their own black American soldiers were drinking at the same pubs as white people they went in to arrest them. The people in the town got mad about the treatment of the black soldiers and decided to then turn their pubs into “BLACKS ONLY DRINKING PUBS” the very opposite of what was taking place in America with their WHITES ONLY businesses. Of course this pissed off the American military so guns went blazing, and when word spread back at camp that black soldiers had been shot, scores of men formed a crowd, some carrying rifles and by midnight more American military police arrived with a machine gun-equipped vehicle, so the black soldiers had no choice but to get rifles from British stores while others barricaded themselves back on base, so now it was American white soldiers versus American black soldiers. This lead to the death of one solider, injury of 7, and 32 convictions. Back in America the battle was hushed up because they didn’t want the country to find out that they were fighting their own soldiers which would anger the black population and weaken the morale in the country. You may read about the ill treatment of black American soldiers by their own army in the book FORGOTTEN.
  2. Scottish Steve

    Silly or Annoying Things Done in Films or TV

    People getting punched in the face & being instantly knocked unconscious. Midnight Run is a prime example, De Niro’s character goes ‘Marvin, Marvin, look out’ & then when Marvin looks away he knocks him spark out. On, like, three separate occasions. And his hand isn’t sore. So, that, & when people go to sleep their bedrooms are never dark
  3. Scottish Steve

    THE Sopranos thread

    Just finished re-watching season two. See when they go out in the boat to whack Pussy, why didn’t they just do it up on deck? Big bloater weighed a ton so they had to drag him up the steps & then clean up all the carpets & shit. Just a thought
  4. Scottish Steve

    Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe Dies

    Ilker Gundogan
  5. Scottish Steve

    Great Sporting Photos

  6. Scottish Steve

    Great Sporting Photos

  7. Scottish Steve


    I was a guest on Soccer AM back in 2002 (Hearts fans were the supporters of the week) & Tinhead was on too. He came across as a bit of a twat if truth be told
  8. Scottish Steve

    Weird things you're proud of

    Yeh, I shouldn't post using my phone, I always fuck it up!
  9. Scottish Steve

    Weird things you're proud of

  10. Scottish Steve

    Weird things you're proud of

    Cool. That knowledge is something weird you can be proud of
  11. Scottish Steve

    Weird things you're proud of

    Na, 110,000 words if memory serves
  12. Scottish Steve

    Weird things you're proud of

    I wrote a book about Scottish football which went straight to number one on Amazon in the Sport category. Stevie G's autobiography then knocked me off top spot
  13. During a trip round the world I spent time in Australia canvassing for Greenpeace. One evening I had a properly upset stomach & as I walked up the path of this massive house I knew I had v little time before my arse would unleash hell. I could hear people in the house, they were upstairs. I twatted on the door in a desperate fashion, I was ready to beg to use their toilet. But they were making such a racket they never heard me & I knew I had a matter of seconds. I pushed the door open so I could shout upstairs 'anyone home' & as I did I spied a bathroom at the end of the hall. 'Fuck it' I thought & went for it. I locked the door behind me, did the deed as fast as possible but opted not to flush & tip-toed out
  14. Scottish Steve

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Fair enough everyone, i guess to clarify, it's when it's done to excess & the dog clearly is getting coerced into doing something it wouldn't necessarily choose of its own accord, and getting flogged. People training for half marathons & killing two birds with one stone by dragging the dog along
  15. Scottish Steve

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Yep, clearly not posted enough to get the hang of it