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  1. Dan

    January Transfer Window 2016

    Good to see this place is as mad as ever....
  2. also if we had £50m and £100+k a week we could sign someone better than him...Champions league or not, We could get Reus for that.
  3. First post in a long, long while..... If we were offered £50M this summer...even by a premier league club I would snap their arm off...Reason: Raheem Sterling is 20 years old. Yes he is a good footballer, talented..no doubt about it. But that is it. He is not worth £50M I do not care what anyone says.... It boils down to if he wants to play for us or not.... If he has a choice, or a wants to go on to "bigger and better" things good luck to the greedy little cunt, we all know what that means. Also if you don't understand the significance of him giving an interview without the clubs permission then you really haven't resigned yourself to the fact that he is off to someone that will pay him ridiculous wages....because no matter what he says its all about money. I'd rather we give Kolo an extra few quid a week than pay this little prick more than he deserves....not as if we are shit with bringing youth through these days!!
  4. 'Italian striker Mario Balotelli joined Liverpool FC for £16m from AC Milan in the summer of 2014, having previously played for Manchester City and Inter Milan. He is as well known for his off-the-pitch activities as on-field achievements, but is a phenomenal tale' That's from the Echo?? Im pretty sure we own the mad fucker
  5. At the time of that terrible run of losing 5 of 6 games I genuinely thought he should leave. But he has turned it around, and its a credit to him. He changed the formation and got confidence back in the players. He's not afraid to make big decisions and Markovic, Moreno Can and Lallana all look like they will turn out to be really good buys for us. I remember when we were playing rubbish I said Rodgers should be sacked and a United fan I work with told me he thought Rodgers was one of the best coaches in the league and that if we got rid of him we would regret it. I am starting to think he was right. That transfer committee needs to be abolished too.
  6. Dan

    Mario Balotelli

    and yet if we didnt sign him there would have been uproar that we would now only have Lambert and Borini. Balotelli can only improve!
  7. Dan

    Playing Without The Lead

    If that is the case, I will eat my hat. Nothing against Borini but he just isn't good enough
  8. Dan

    Mario Balotelli

    One of my neighbours was doing this the other day....he is a bit of an alco and instead of a pink and blue mix it was a shoe on the right and a wrecked adidas trainee on the other,
  9. Dan

    Summer Transfers 2014

    I wouldnt be selling them anyone. Not even Johnson. There...I said it
  10. Dan

    Cheltenham 2014

    Briars hill, Bobs worth and Oscar delta in an E/W treble could save the week for the lot of us....a tenner each way pays near 60 quid if Oscar Delta places.....660 if he wins..thats a damn good bet for 20quid as really fancy the other two
  11. Dan

    Summer Transfers 2014

    Im unsure about Suso, he is a talent but is he gonna get the game time if we challenge/get CL. who does he replace? another loan is def the right option for both parties but only to a team who will be up there in their league next season, playing with decent players
  12. Dan

    Tim Sherwood - He's Got To Stay

    Every time I watch Spurs, Arsenal, Utd, Everton lately I just think we would fucking destroy them...not beat them...destroy them. Saying that, Utd away won't be easy by any means but I hope we just kill the cunts and we are more than capable of that. As for Sherwood, what can I say Haha...a fool
  13. Dan

    Cheltenham 2014

    After having a disasterous 3 days...two winners, both on their own in lucky 15's. (one was Quevega and I got a massive €3.20 back) If the last 3 years have any bearing on my situation then Friday will be better, in them years I'm up about 6K from about €400,plus I had like 185 quid on a tip william hill radio gave afterwards at another meeting) just cos of the fridays (last year I had a lucky 31 that came off so as you imagine most of that came there) . Anyways, for Gold cup day Im going for. 1.30 Royal Irish Hussar 9/1/Guitar Pete 8/1 E/W 2.05 Cheltenian 6/1/ Arctic Fire E/W (if worth it, at 6/1 its just about) 2.40 Briar Hill 5/4/ Deputy Dan 16/1E/W 3.20 Bob's Worth (unbeaten at chelts and an absolute machine of a horse up the hill) / Last Installment 8/1 E/W (could win it) 4.00 On the fringe 3/1 (has to have a decent chance OR Oscar Delta 8/1 *should have won this race last year but unseated rider on the run in and will definitely go the distance and decent form since, if your backing two horses you cant discard that form so this has to be one of them 4.40 Vieux Lion Rouge 6/1....I know this lad, who is best mates with Connor O'Farrell and he told me last week to back this....cant go against that but it is Cheltenham... 5.15 Ned Buntine 8/1 E/W ...can't pick the winner of this to be honest, should go well as he always does in the tricky courses in Ireland under Carberry. best of luck anyway lads, really hope that Vieux Lion Rouge does the business, as I said don't take it as gospel but it's the only one that I was told to back from anyone that knows anyone in racing circles, just thought I'd pass it on.
  14. Our entire first choice back 4 is/ was injured. We are 4 points from the top. That shit is fucked up.
  15. Dan

    The Rugby Thread

    I think Halfpenny is the most underrated player on the planet, his kicks are sublime and his overall play cant be faulted. would walk into any team bar NZ