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  1. dickie mint

    Boxing 2018

    One of the best performances I've seen absolutely brilliant.
  2. On History live from Vegas some lunatic is going to do 3 jumps that Evil Knevil done including the bus one where he nearly got wiped out.
  3. dickie mint

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Didn't Les Mckeown wear them trainees singing Shang-a-lang.
  4. dickie mint

    Alfie's Army

    She swilling her minge out.
  5. dickie mint

    Elvis Costello

  6. dickie mint

    Elvis Costello

    Sad to hear great live saw him on many occasions great all rounder,was just listening to Trust the other day top album,get well soon.
  7. dickie mint

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    You where lucky there the stuff in Aldi is shite.
  8. dickie mint


    You okay Byrnie mate,keep chipping away and enjoying it at the moment,the weight is sound and feeling okay,heading into town Byrnie footy and racing all day can't wack it,will text you Brynie hope alls well mate.
  9. dickie mint


    Cheers mate. Just started off like yourself and built up mate was going out 5 times a week after a few months and at the beginning of June just set myself a goal,been hard in the weather but the last week and half been going out early around 6 in the morning still wamish but couldn't do the afternoons it's way to hot. Back to my usual routine this month mate but will probably have a go again everyday in August.
  10. dickie mint


    30 x 5 mile runs completed - ran everyday through June not bad for an arl fella approaching 55, right on the ale in town today need a good blow out.
  11. dickie mint

    Zoo Escape Germany

    Latest is the Lion has been shot he was in the local shop eating a Penguin. The other was spotted going in for a bevy police say he's on the Tiger.
  12. dickie mint

    Zoo Escape Germany

    Hope the use the Zebra when there crossing the road.
  13. dickie mint

    Boxing 2018

    Majority draw,it was close but Jack was just up I thought but no complaints it's was a great bout and a rematch is a cert,enjoyed it.
  14. dickie mint

    Boxing 2018

    Cracking bout.
  15. dickie mint

    Boxing 2018

    Good kid Hutchinson going the right way.