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  1. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Arsenal have been excellent so far that Martenilli kid has been brilliant so far
  2. Mark M

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Have City had any issues with players being out with Covid ? Seems like every other team has had issues apart from them
  3. Mark M

    Other Football 2021/22

    Wonder how long it will take City to take the lead against Arsenal at the weekend - im going for inside 9 minutes.
  4. Mark M

    Leicester City 1 Liverpool 0 (Dec 28 2021)

    Agree with all that. have to say the line where we have to hope Minamino can step up with Salah at the AFCON was like a dagger to the heart.
  5. If we’d another 45 minutes we wouldn’t have scored. Pure shite that tonight. The front 3 had an off day & the subs made us worse
  6. Bobby and Keita doing a great job of hide and seek
  7. Our lads playing like they had a great Xmas and are struggling to run it off
  8. Punished for not taking our chances. Been poxy tonight
  9. Mark M

    Diogo Jota

    Haha brilliant!
  10. Loved the way Milner played on with the Leicester player down. It looked for half a second like the player that passed to Milner was ready for him to put it out of play. Milner had a fuck that attitude and it caused a backlash from them but helped get the crowd even more fired up. Also got the assist for Taki at the end. What a signing and what a player Milner is.
  11. The mad thing is Robbo instead of getting up quickly should have stayed down & rolled around then maybe he gets a chance of the correct call getting made.
  12. Glad Klopp went in on the ref after the game. I can see him getting a touch line ban for it though
  13. Klopp: "Robbo is a really good boy but he lost it. You can give a red card for that. But it proves that the VAR was there, because before that we were thinking he isn't in his office."
  14. He just shouldn’t have shit out of a challenge - not a great ball by Trent. Anyone looking at that that played at any kind of level can see the halfarsed not wanting to get hurt way he went in for that. First goal on Keita big time & as for the rest of his game today. Just Meh.
  15. Klopp having a pop at anti vaxxers at every opportunity is literally the only thing that’s enjoyable about this latest Covid shit fest.
  16. If Salah does have Covid that’s him missing for the next 10 days (I assume that’s the time line) and then going off to Afcon ?
  17. Would I be right in saying theres a possibility VVD and Fabinho could be back for the weekend if the PCR tests come back negative ? It sounded from Klopp it might possibly be a case of a false positive from them.
  18. Mark M

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 10-16 2021)

    hahaha! football sociopath.... brilliant!