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  1. I’d rather we got knocked out than risk any of our main players.
  2. What about the others he sacked as well. At one point tonight he said he still wouldn’t have sacked moyes at Utd yet when he runs a club he’s sacking managers all over the place. He’s taking out of both sides of his mouth.
  3. I’d love to hear how sad Robbie Savage would be commenting on this game
  4. Not for me when we went there with Suarez and Moyes was in charge was probably the most confident I've ever felt going to play them.
  5. More lives than a Cat. Every time it looks like - yep that’s it sacked in the morning he gets a result. It’ll be a cold day in Hell before I ever underestimate these Manc bastards.
  6. When reading that I found it very believable
  7. Seems like every time this goblin is on the verge of getting sacked he gets a good result. pretty sure they beat City when nobody expected it & it turned their form around.
  8. There’s always one that has to take it one step too far.
  9. Mark M

    Watford 0 Liverpool 5 (Oct 16 2021)

    I love that you'll never forget or let this go. the worst individual display since that time Jon Walters scored an own goal, missed two pens and smashed the ball into his own face while attempting an overhead kick.
  10. Yep. When we won the league that fucking Kip was the first place we dropped points that season.
  11. They were good before he signed for them ?
  12. The owners will be under a lot of pressure if they don’t tie Salah down to an improved contract
  13. If Rose has any sense he should pretend he’s injured and get subbed
  14. Danny Rose looks like he’s won a competition to play today. Salah is tearing him apart
  15. Maybe not Watford we certainly missed him against City though our midfield got bossed in that match.
  16. If Chamberlain can't get a start against a side like Watford having had a full pre-season and didnt have to go away on international duty he may as well just pack it in.
  17. Mark M

    Geordie Arabia

    Be too soon to get him I'd have thought but just like City it took them a couple of years of overpaying and signing players they finally got to a stage they can compete and get anybody in world football. same will happen with Newcastle unfortunately.
  18. Mark M

    Geordie Arabia

    Mbappe playing in the championship
  19. Mark M

    Liverpool 2 Manchester City 2 (Oct 3 2021)

    You should change your username Eeyore
  20. Mark M

    Mohamed Salah

    LFCdeal RIP James Pearse
  21. Mark M

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Nonsense. Most of his goals have either been the key opening goal or a winning goal litterly what a difference maker is.