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    Liverpool vs. Everton Video Highlights & Interviews (06th Feb 10)
  2. kevint86

    Wigan @ Anfield, Wednesday night

    Hey everyone i dont really go to many games cos i live quite far from liverpool and am a poor student! Was at the game last night and just have a couple of points: Firstly I thought Gerrard was very poor and looked uninterested. the wigan players passed it around him in midfield and he didnt offer much going forward- he rarely demanded the ball like i thought he would and what a central midfielder should. His body language didnt seem right. (if know we're going through an awful spell but he's our captain and is usually the one that drags us out of trouble) Hopefully he gets his form back soon. Thought Mascherano was immense. Brilliant at sniffing out danger and constantly putting in good tackles and won many headers above two central midfielders that were much taller. We have to hold onto him. Benny had a really good game, created a lot of chances in the first half that would have put the result out of sight but when we didnt take tham wigan grew into the game, our defence looked really shakey and they should have scored more than the one goal they did. Ngog did well and has potential, would prefer a more established attacker to back up torres, but ngog is improving and has more than pulled his weight this season imo. Think we're in desperate need of some more pace on the wings. Bar johnson we dont really have anyone fast out wide. Kuyt is too slow to be on the wing, especially with the first touch he has. He ran his bollix off as usual though and would be helped if there was a lot more pace around him. Any way im interested in knowing what other peoples thoughts are of that assessment.
  3. kevint86

    The Derby Match Thread

    iraq goals.net works for me
  4. kevint86

    That Henry Goal

    And why they were all so crap in the first leg. Did you watch the 1st leg? It was a deflected goal they scored. Not quite sure you would call the defenders and keeper crap for that
  5. kevint86

    Name 15 players........

    jermaine pennant scored a hat trick for arsenal didn't he?
  6. kevint86

    Name 15 players........

    wreh fortune manninger gunjohnsen essian bosnich berbatov schmeichel park ji sung kuszscak (sp) oleg luzhny (sp) yorke forlan
  7. kevint86

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    i think he won a county medal for a club in meath, not sure what age group! i remember seeing him interviewed about it ages ago
  8. kevint86

    Arsenal tuesday

    anyone know what the arsenal team is??
  9. kevint86

    European Cup QF, 2nd Leg vs Chelsea

    chelski looking dodgy as fuck without jt at the back, there's definately at least one more goal in us!
  10. kevint86

    Spare Ticket Exchange/Swap Thread

    cheers for that mate
  11. kevint86

    Spare Ticket Exchange/Swap Thread

    Hi Just wondering what the best way to go about getting tickets. Do you have to join the LFC site or is it just ringing up at a certain time and hope you get through? Thanks Kevin
  12. kevint86

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    name the three ex liverpool players with premiership medals? (2 are pretty easy!)
  13. kevint86

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    nope sorry!
  14. kevint86

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    yep well done!
  15. kevint86

    Wee Football Trivia Question

    nope- he didnt play an old firm derby