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  1. ben48

    Naby Keita

    What’s wrong with him now then?
  2. By the way I though Milly was a fuckin hero tonight , getting slower now but he played his heart out.
  3. Well done lads, real gritty performance tonight, all the lads that came on did really well .
  4. ben48

    New European super league?

    At least we would get decent officials
  5. ben48

    VAR Thoughts?

    Spot on mate,
  6. ben48

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Pickford plays for England so there was no chance of him getting done. Shearer got away with murder for years as did Rooney, Kane falls over and gets a foul, there is a pattern there without a doubt, also as you boys have been saying, the bastards are never going to admit that they got it wrong. I’ve been going on about biased and incompetent referees for years now and I thought that Var would make things better but the corrupt cunts are using it to their advantage. After sixty odd years of watching football I shall stick to watching us in Europe only from now on. The English league is fucked, they should be championing the exiting and sporting way that we play instead of screwing us at every turn, fuck them I’m finished with it.
  7. ben48

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I absolutely agree with this, any one with any kind of bias is never going to look at things objectively, as for Everton, whilst that thug Ferguson sits in the dug out you will get these types of assault. I’m bitterly disappointed and angry, I’ve said for years that we have the worst and most biased officials in Europe, I thought that VAR would even things up, but because it is the same bunch of clowns running the var as is on the pitch then the corruption will continue, it is such a shame as Liverpool are a joy to watch, and sporting to boot and officialdom should support that instead of kicking them in the teeth, maybe the threats and nastiness of the other Ferguson is all they understand.
  8. Same here mate, whoever was on the var today is a fucking cheat
  9. ben48

    Karius or Adrian?

    Every one says that the lad is no good with his feet, well if you lads can see it why can’t the goalkeeping coach, they have all day every day to sort him out, why don’t they.
  10. ben48

    Karius or Adrian?

    What’s wrong with giving the young Irish lad a chance, can’t be any worse surely.
  11. ben48

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I quite agree, Keita is not cut out for the English league .
  12. I suppose we will have Greasy Grealish rolling all over the pitch , looking for free kicks