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  1. ben48


    Yep, monster ,great performance tonight, also he allowed Thiago and Widj to play.
  2. This, I thought that the midfield of Widj, Fab and Thiago were superb, and it was nice to see Mane and Robbo playing together again, special mention to the two lads at the back, well done.
  3. ben48

    Liverpool 0 Fulham 1 (Mar 7 2021)

    The thing that I’ve noticed is that Mane isn’t there to help him out anymore, he’s playing in some inside position. The two of them working together on the wing was one of our great successes
  4. ben48

    Liverpool 0 Fulham 1 (Mar 7 2021)

    I thought that things changed when Fabinho came on and played in his natural position, Fulham couldn’t get out of their own half. To win games you have to control the midfield. For fucks sake play the lad in his correct position and keep the pressure on the opponent, chances will come, if we don’t take them then that’s another matter.
  5. ben48

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    The only thing for me was the arrival of Fabinho in midfield, we looked a different team, Fulham couldn’t get out of their own half. Never play that man as centre back again, what a waste. Kenny said that you have to earn the right to play football I.e you have to control midfield. When Fab came on we looked a different team.The most frustrating thing is if they had bought a half decent centre back in January then we still could have been fighting for the league, but to take your two best midfielders and push them as emergency centre backs, and give up on midfield is suicidal.
  6. ben48

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    And it’s the “same old song”.
  7. ben48

    Liverpool 0 Everton 2 (Feb 20 2021)

    Well I have to agree with all the posts on this thread, and I have to say that after 60 years of supporting the lads and watching top class football I have now given up on it. I watched the European cup game last week and really enjoyed it, good football ran by competent officials. I have finished with the premier league, full of 6 foot twelve one footed wonders, and totally incompetent referees who seem to think that they are the stars of the show. Managers who delight in killing the game with so called pundits who support them. I feel sorry for Jurgen, a good man and a sportsman, who thought that others in the league believed in the same values. You don’t stay at the top of the English league by being a sportsman, you do it by being a cheat (Ferguson and others ), it’s football by numbers now, no individual skill, no characters, just pass the ball to death until you lose it, with eleven defenders in their own penalty box it’s a job to know what to do, but I know that it’s shit. I started turning the tv on a minute before kick off because I couldn’t stand the sky soap opera. Then watching it with the sound off because of the relentless garbage coming out and it was only then with no sound, atmosphere or anything that I could see how bad this English league is. Best league in the world my ass, and they can stick it
  8. ben48

    I am fucking done. FUCK VAR

    I just feel sorry for Jurgen and the lads, they outplayed Leicester today only to be robbed, the first two goals should have been disallowed, the third wouldn’t have happened if we weren’t chasing the game, I’m finished with it now.
  9. ben48

    Leicester City 3 Liverpool 1 (Feb 13 2021)

    Dave I agree 100per cent, I don’t know if those in charge looked at the easy way that we did it last year or what, and thought , that can’t happen again. It’s no good going over it all but there is no doubt that the odds have been stacked against us this year. Injuries apart, we were cheated at Everton and Brighton, and again today.People are loving Allison’s howler, three touches of the ball earlier Mane was pushed to the floor, did they look at it ,no, so l’ve come to the same conclusion as you , it’s fuckin bent
  10. ben48

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I’m with coach potato here, we are one of the top six in Europe and have been for donkeys years and yet, except for exceptional circumstance we have never really splashed out ( without selling someone) for ages. Again one of the top clubs in the world yet when we take off our centre forward who goes on , yep Mr Origi, who would scramble to score for Tranmere. Take of Mane and play Ox or Shack, the drop off is alarming.look at united’s or city’s bench and you will see a potential match winner.They say that Jurgen doesn’t want to do it like that, I can’t see it, he wants to win. I’m not saying that we should be buying Messi and the like, but the squad needs healthy competition.
  11. ben48

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I’ve just been reading an article by Brian Reide in the Mirror, where he says that the only people that have let us down this year are the owners. They haven’t backed Jurgen up when he needed them most.
  12. Bobby, the general and Stig are all spot on here, was it Einstein that said people that keep asking the same question whilst expecting a different answer are dreaming. We haven’t been the same since we won the league. A different approach is needed, to open defences up you need a couple of lads who can take on defenders and beat them, I hate to say it but Suarez would have caused havoc last night.
  13. ben48

    Other football - 2020/21

    Ian ( wanker) Darke bumbling on about the 79/79 season “oh what’s going on here” , watch the game you fuckin blert.