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  1. Something needs to be done this weekend, definately, we've been sat on our hands recently and things have drifted. Last home game of the season, second place 99% in the bag - nothing that we do will put the players out of their stride. Demo before, at half time, and at full time. We need to remind the tumors that they ain't welcome.
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    Crying at games

    I cried with laughter when Babb rearranged his knackers against the chavs, many moons ago, and then again when we signed Dicks/Stewart, etc, etc.
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    Should Rafa have congratulated Fergie

    * bollocks* Benitez must blank out Ferguson Post categories: Premier League Phil McNulty | 11:40 UK time, Monday, 18 May 2009 Sir Alex Ferguson - on the rare occasions when Manchester United have been denied the Premier League title - has traditionally written a letter of congratulation to the victorious manager. And when Rafael Benitez led Liverpool to Champions League success against AC Milan in Istanbul in 2005, Ferguson was again prepared to put pen to paper. It is hardly a major feat of deduction to guess that Benitez will not be moved to prose in praise of Ferguson after United equalled Liverpool's tally of 18 titles. If he could not bring himself to utter verbal congratulations to Ferguson when pressed at The Hawthorns on Sunday, Benitez is unlikely to put it down in writing. He was prepared to salute Manchester United but made a point of not congratulating Ferguson - putting the latest coating of acrimony on a soured relationship between the pair. The problem Benitez has here is two-fold. Firstly, even though Ferguson will be supremely indifferent as to whether he receives bouquets from Liverpool's manager or not, it makes his Anfield counterpart look petty and a bitterly sore loser. It also came hard on the heels of Benitez's questionable claim that United may not actually be the best team in the Premier League - they simply won more points than anyone else. Secondly, and more importantly, the man who holds the trophies wins the arguments and Ferguson has beaten Benitez hands down by securing a third successive title. Benitez's lack of affection for Ferguson is painfully obvious and placed in certain contexts understandable. There must be a measure of sympathy after what had every appearance of collusion between Manchester United's manager and Sam Allardyce in the recent "gesturegate" row that farcically suggested Benitez had shown Blackburn Rovers a lack of respect at Anfield. And he certainly should not be expected to be subservient towards Ferguson. Liverpool's manager rightly feels it is more important to fight Anfield's corner than cosy up to Old Trafford's overlord. But Benitez started a dangerous game when he delivered his carefully considered - definitely not a rant - attack against Ferguson's conduct towards referees, the FA's Respect campaign and fixture lists. I spoke to Benitez at Stoke 24 hours after that outspoken attack on Ferguson, and to say he was spectacularly unrepentant is a masterpiece of understatement. He was even moved to suggest, with an air of real belief in his words, that Ferguson was "a little bit scared" that Liverpool were table-toppers at that time. Brave - but ill-advised. Sadly for Benitez, it also came after the sort of lifeless goalless draw that was to eventually become a significant factor in Benitez losing a title he simply had to win once he decided to throw down the gauntlet to Ferguson. It was also provoked by what was, by Ferguson's standards, a fairly routine jab about the possibility of Liverpool getting nervous in the closing stages of the title race. Benitez would not have enjoyed congratulating Ferguson. He would have hated it, but he should have swallowed hard and done it. It would have been the gracious thing to do and would have avoided the headlines that greeted him on Monday. The latest outbreak of rancour also removed some focus from Liverpool's own outstanding development in the last three months, which can rightly bring huge satisfaction for Benitez and be the source of genuine optimism for next season. Benitez is famously single-minded tactically and applies tunnel vision to his pursuit of success - he must now apply those same qualities to his relationship with Ferguson. He must put an end to what is in danger of becoming an unhealthy sideshow, a sideshow that is currently benefiting only one man. And that man is not Benitez. Benitez must blank everything Ferguson says and does from his mind and concentrate every fibre solely on Liverpool. He must somehow ensure that Manchester United become almost meaningless to him rather than developing an obsession with Old Trafford. Easier said than done, but there is no mileage in taking on the master at his own game. Ferguson is football's streetfighter, preying on any sign of vulnerablity and Benitez's original verbal jousting appeared to concentrate the minds of all at Manchester United at a crucial point in the season. Benitez has assembled a team, if not quite a squad, that is capable of building on their progression this season and making a serious attempt to win the Premier League next season. Liverpool can have no guarantees because Ferguson will have carefully noted their development, but if they maintain the positive attacking approach sparked by the 4-0 thrashing of Real Madrid in the Champions League and keep Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres fit, they will be even more dangerous opponents for United next season. This is the best way for Benitez to fight Ferguson - and the only way in which he can win his arguments with the all-conquering Scot.
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    Should Rafa have congratulated Fergie

    Anyways, fuck all this shit, this is a Liverpool site, and we've spent too much time mentioning ginsoak and the scum. Get behind Rafa, he's our manager and if it gets under every other fucking team and supporters skin in the league, then so be it. You have to earn respec, and slur hasn't earnt any respec - ever. Fuck him, fuck them - siege mentality people. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
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    Should Rafa have congratulated Fergie

    No, no, no and thrice no. Rafa's congratulated the team, end of. Why congratulate a drunkard for being a drunkard?
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    Progress or not?

    Correct on all parts. And yes, course we've fucking improved, we've been in a title race all the way up until May. Long may it continue.
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    Mad and Christophers Old Trafford Adventure

    oh take me home, united road *pukes*
  8. Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez has revealed Argentina captain Javier Mascherano has turned down an approach by an unnamed club. The Liverpool boss is preparing his side for Sunday's crucial Barclay's Premier League clash with Newcastle at Anfield aware that the 25-year-old's position at the club has been undermined. Mascherano is only 15 months into a four-year contract, but Benitez held talks with him following the midfielder's own claims that he was unsure about his own future on Merseyside. Benitez refused to name the club concerned but it is understood the approach did not come from either Italy or Spain. That suggests a British club could be involved because it is unlikely that a club from anywhere else could match the player's wages or likely fee. However Benitez has been quick to defuse the situation saying: "Javier is happy here with the fans, the club and the manager. I have had a very positive conversation with him. "He has already said no to one club, a good side. He wants to stay but he cannot stop big clubs asking about him. "If you are a top-class player, people are always asking about you. They will know if there are four or five big clubs asking for them and the player would be proud of that. "He has tried to be polite and correct. Now I have had a conversation with him and it was very clear he wants to continue to play for us. I do not see this as a big problem. "The conversation with him was very honest and he was very clear about things. "These things happen always in football, clubs all around the world will work like this. It is just part of the situation that exists at the top level. "You just have to handle it and work with the situation when it arises. "Clearly we do not want to lose key players. Players like Mascherano and Xabi Alonso have long contracts so we are in a strong position, while we are very close now to sorting out Daniel Agger's position here. RAFA: MASCH SNUBBED A MOVE | Football Transfer News, Football News, Fixtures, Results, Match Reports, Stats
  9. GERRARD SCOOPS PFA AWARD James Carroll 05 May 2009 Steven Gerrard has been named as the PFA Fans' Player of the Year for the 2008-09 season. The Liverpool captain, who has struck 21 goals so far this campaign, was recently pipped to the PFA Players' Player of the Year award by Manchester United's Ryan Giggs. However, following a vote conducted by the PFA, Gerrard has scooped the fans' gong after another exceptional season. PFA Chief Executive Gordon Taylor said: "Steven has always been a particular favourite of mine and I was delighted when he was nominated by his fellow pros for our Players’ Player of the Year award. "Obviously, that particular award went to Ryan Giggs, and rightly so, and I am equally thrilled that football fans up and down the country have acknowledged Steven in this way. "Like his many supporters and suitors, I have the utmost respect and admiration for the way he continues to go about his business. He is a top pro and a worthy winner." Gerrard was the inaugural winner of the honour in 2001. No Giggs? No Greggs?
  10. 4 slice toaster, or just a poor mans substitute?
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    Masherano tapped up. Allegedly.

    Nice threads. :tease:
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    Mascherano tapped up. Allegedly.

    Ahh, but Rafa said "big club", so that takes out the Chavs, citeh, etc, etc,
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    Masherano tapped up. Allegedly.

    negged meself. fudging computers.
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    Ben D'over?
  15. so you're saying you wouldn't then.....................
  16. She'll have a short career in the game, won't take her long to get a bad back. Fook me, how does she manage to run with those puppies?:drool:
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    Killer Flu...

    I'm off to florida in a months time, like fuck am i walking around looking like Michael Jackson. shamooon
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    Mancs v Spurs

    I thought this was a Liverpool forum, but alas I must have stumbled onto another manc site. I know everything's relative, but why waste our energy discussing their match, and all things scummyfied...................... Anyways, as you were.
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    Gillett and Hicks (ownership saga)

    :) football-rumours.com: LFC: I work for a large financial establishment, and the company has, on the request of the current Liverpool owners, been working on various ways to refinance the club, to release more funds – After months of trying and approaching several different banks, we have drawn a blank (no–one wants to take the risk) – So, the only option is to sell. the good news is, that there are three genuine offers on the table – All for similar amounts and all promising to fund the new stadium and release funds for transfers (in the region of £35m)– The Americans are reluctant to sell to DIC, as they have not been impressed with recent dealings, so it is potentially down to two, being a consortium from Kuwait plus a new bidder which is being fronted (but not solely funded) by none other than Richard Branson. He loves the idea of having his Virgin branding flashed all over the globe in an instant ! So, watch this space ! Fact – not rumour
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    The end of the world is nigh...

    well rodger me silly with the rough end of a pineapple, doth mine eyes deceiveth me?
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    Hillsborough + Radio 1

    complaint sent. cockwits.