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    fao Nantwich girl

    heh heh. bumming.
  2. Guido

    Our Centre Backs

    I agree with Captain. Skrtel wouldn't get a start at any other top team and would just block the progress of younger players if on the bench - though i'd keep Agger as cover for CD and LB for a season til Jack Robbo comes through. Would love to see this back 4: New LB - New CD - Carra - Johnson with these as 2nd choice: Agger - Jones - Kelly - Flanno Jack Robbo, Coady and Wisdom would be pushing for the first team squad from the ressies. Loan out Wilson. Sell Fabio, Soto, Ayala, Degen, Insua, Konchesky, Darby, Irwin, Mavinga and Mendy. The fantasy manager bit would be Bale and Cahill as the new LB and CD. (Seemed like the appropriate thread to put that bit in. Utter nonsense of course, but the fantasy of spending £35m on Bale to stick him at LB is irresistible.)
  3. Dulg. Could be an inept plod (Lewis-style) or a swan-protecting (there's an angle) gypo. Could alternatively be called Futtock, though that has more of a village feel. Dulg of Futtock.
  4. Guido

    New book - Liverpool: The Complete Record

    In the same vein, if it doesn't explain the mystery of Goncalo Ribeiro you can get shitted.
  5. Guido

    Summer 2011

    Pfff. Dunno what all this conjecture bullshit is about. Fuckin well obvious who we're gonna sign! Not like we've been linked with Coentrao, Baines, McCarthy, Payet, Hazard, Mata, Samba, Jones, Lee, Cahill, Aguero, Gomez, Hulk, Marveaux, Cissokho, Wickham, Dann, Vargas, Friedel, Bojan, Enrique, Adam, Parker, Negredo, Barton, Lukaku, Izaguirre, Menez, Downing, Elia, Armero, Rolando, Defour, Kranjcar, Ndinga, Praet, Lennon, Larsson, Brunt, Long, Lavezzi, Gervinho, Diego, Witsel, Sakho, Johnson, Marin, Bale, De Bruyne, Young, Gameiro, Jeffren, Taarabt, Perotti, N'Zogbia, Clichy, Afellay, Coutinho and John Arne Riise or anything. Ya fuckin spacks.
  6. Inspector Guido and The Mystery of the Portuguese Youngsters I'm pretty certain Iaia Embarlo is still playing for us, but he's at U15 level not U16 (as are Callum Pilkington and Nial Heaton). Yalany Baio played this game though not sure if he's U15 or U16. Therefore, Goncalo Ribeiro may well be the player who we dumped for being older than thought. Think he featured for the U16s early on in the season, but he's actually in the age group where he should be in the 1st year at the Academy. Hasn't featured in any Academy games so i reckon that's who they got rid of. He also resembles a chipmunk.
  7. Guido

    What do you want written on your headstone?

    Master of magic, speels and illusion. Enemies crumble in fear and confusion. MANDRAKE! 1980 - 2980
  8. About 300 pages. And my name's in the hat now too. Soz razor.
  9. I found that a little annoying too. Wasn't sure whether to embrace the use of unusual words as colourful or to see it as McCarthy trying to show off. He did the same in Blood Meridian so perhaps he just loves words. Have the same conflict when reading Will Self too. Didn't feel it was emotionless as you say, although i can see that the 'landscape/location-as-a-character' thing wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea and could stop the reader feeling involved.
  10. Guido

    GF Book Club - Book 1

    Did you draw an ace?
  11. Just finished it and i had goosebumps for 5 minutes afterwards. Quite a bit more action in the latter pages but the scenes on the beach are the ones that will stay with me forever. I felt genuinely paranoid myself at times and the feeling of uncertainty is there from the start - we don't know what was the catastrophic event that created this world. As it neared the end I don't think i've read anything anywhere near as harrowing as their seemingly endless plight. I feel a bit worn out after reading it to be honest, which i guess shows how affecting the novel is and why it's so well-read. I'll never look at a tin of peaches the same way again. Hope others get the time to read it if they haven't already. Okay? Okay.
  12. Was up at 6 this morning reading this. Only 50 pages to go. Feel like i'm there alongside them. Devastating in every way. Anyone else reading this other than me (and presumably Fink)?
  13. Guido

    Guilty Dog.