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  1. Aw Geez

    Rita Ora

  2. Aw Geez

    Rita Ora

    I'd really love to pull the plums off myself while looking at pictures of her. Oh wait, I can. Back in a bit.
  3. Aw Geez

    Paris shootings

    The church of the flying spaghetti monster. Ramen!
  4. Aw Geez

    Donald Trump

    The absolute kip of most of the white supremacists in general. Fucking mutants.
  5. Aw Geez

    Paris shootings

    I agree in principle. I just wouldn't want my name on the list of people who organised it.
  6. Aw Geez


    This guy gets it
  7. Plus they save money as the whole family don't have to wash
  8. Aw Geez

    Cancel Culture

    Fuck being famous in these modern times. Can't take a shit without someone trying to end your life.
  9. Lurtz has started up an online female clientele business? Lurtz, I'd like to order 1 slag please.
  10. Aw Geez

    Donald Trump

    I doubt it. It would be too perfect. Can't shake the feeling he'll breeze re-election tbh.
  11. Aw Geez

    Virgil Van Dijk

    How about "We should have bought at least a partner for him that wasn't 12 or made of glass"?