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  1. Having your cake and eating it is fine. Once you eat it, you don't have it anymore. So some people want to both eat their cake and still to have their cake. The rest I agree with.
  2. Aw Geez

    You English/Irish/Scottish/Welsh cunts!

    My mate from here (NI) was working in England for a few years, working all over. Said it weird that when we (Irish) think of England we think of Manchester, Liverpool, London etc. Big cities. He said pretty much 99% of England is an absolute shit-tip. Also yous voted Brexit. England is the worst. But then NI voted in the DUP. Tied for Gold in the Shitlympics.
  3. Aw Geez

    The ‘Everyone has... except me’ Thread

    It's big amongst plebs
  4. Aw Geez

    The ‘Everyone has... except me’ Thread

    I don't currently own a pair of jeans that fit me. Fucking lockdown.
  5. Devs Only watched 2 episodes so far but love it. 8/10 so far. Feels like legion meets ex machina.
  6. Aw Geez

    Cancel Culture

    If I was famous I'd last about 3 days before being cancelled
  7. Aw Geez

    The Hangover Thread

    Girlfriend ended up cleaning up my vomit on her birthday. Happy birthday, big kisses xoxox you missed a bit pet, there's some carrot under the coffee table.
  8. Aw Geez

    The Hangover Thread

    This post immediately cured my hangover for 3/4 of a second. Excellent. Can you fuck off your new in laws continuously and live stream it so I can feel ok today please?
  9. Aw Geez

    The Hangover Thread

    NOT good bants. Very bad bants. Help me. Please.
  10. Salah can be pretty inconsistent from game to game. But thankfully when he's on it, it makes up for when he's not.
  11. If you want to chuck money away I can send you my paypal