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  1. Close, I believe the opposite of a lock-down is a lock-up
  2. Aw Geez


    What would be their motivation?
  3. Aw Geez


    Quoting trump is never good. But there are points in there. Staying indoors varies in difficulty. I'm a software engineer. Not too bad. Work from home. Lost the gfs part time wages. Things are tight for a while but as long as we don't get sick we'll be ok. A lot aren't as lucky.
  4. Aw Geez


    Naïve question maybe, but what figures have you seen that we should believe and why?
  5. Aw Geez


    Well done that man
  6. Aw Geez


    My mate lives there, they already did that with another province and gave them 2 days notice before setting up the quarantine. Ridiculous. It's like pouring petrol on flames.
  7. Aw Geez


    24th February
  8. Aw Geez


    Who is she talking about. She didn't say.
  9. Aw Geez


    So how would you interpret the lockdown in terms of sharing care of a child? My daughter stays with me 3 days a week and her mum 4. Am I allowed to pick her up? If I'm not I'm treating this like a zombie apocalypse and getting the shotgun out for some looting, rampaging, pillaging and exterminating.
  10. Aw Geez


    What. The. Fuck.
  11. Aw Geez


    Pics or gtfo
  12. Aw Geez


    I got a bad headache earlier and basically told myself that was it, flu setting in. Glass of water fixed it but still, it's not like me to be a hypochondriac. All this is unprecedented and I can't say it not affecting me. I'm particularly lucky in that I can work from home forever with no real effect on my work, so nothing else to complain about apart from being a bit worried.
  13. Aw Geez


    It also my birthday. So my birthday and St Patricks day ruined by fucking bat aids. No one else has suffered more at the hands of coronavirus than me. Im sure of it.