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  1. DooooodekNo5

    Daniel Sturridge-2015

    Sturridge returning to form and staying fit is our only hope this season, if he does it'll be a positive season, if he doesn't it will be yet another dog turd of a season.
  2. DooooodekNo5

    What's the point in Lallana?

    He's totally redundant now we have Firmino, playing him wide is a waste of time.
  3. DooooodekNo5

    24th August 2015 - Away to Arsenal

    4-5-1 with Ibe and Markovic wide, their full backs ain't all that, need to get at them with pace and feed Benteke and midfield runners.
  4. DooooodekNo5

    24th August 2015 - Away to Arsenal

    Not at all, you're a realist, they need to pack the lube for this game, lots of it.
  5. DooooodekNo5

    Liverpool Resources

    Chinese whores.
  6. DooooodekNo5

    Is Klopp another Rodgers?

    Always enjoy reading your stuff, ritchie, a lot of sense spoken, keep up the good work.
  7. DooooodekNo5

    Is Klopp another Rodgers?

    The question should really be is Rodgers another Klopp? Maybe I've missed something but how can Klopp be another Rodgers? Klopp is a proven winner and Rodgers isn't, Klopp has also proven he can hack it in Europe, Rodgers hasn't.
  8. DooooodekNo5

    Mongo's Diary (March 2015)

    Looking at this objectively (honest!)... The thought of Jimmy Savile and Ian Huntley taking my kids for a day out round Fred and Rose Wests house is funnier than this. Poor Dave, it must be awkward for him to have to accept this very bizarre, witless and rather tragic piece of work to put in his (mostly) great fanzine. There really is a staggering lack of self awareness going on here, it's truly astounding that this wretched pile of dog shit has been willingly posted here, it really is. Knowing you I suppose you were expecting loads of green points, a standing ovation, flowers and knickers thrown at you whilst you sit there on your self appointed forum throne and yet not even your usual few brown noses want anything to do with it, ouch! fucking ouch! You must feel a right prick.
  9. DooooodekNo5

    Can't be arsed

    Absolutely well said, spot on, every single word of it.
  10. DooooodekNo5

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    I hope you are including yourself in this you colossol cunt. If not then this is TLW hall of fame for irony. Either way you are a gigantic cunt and a cry baby hypocrite fucking bore to boot. "Wahh Wahh, people don't agree with my tedious mind numbing pedantic strawman shite so I have to carry on and on and on and fucking on boring the fuck out everyone whilst putting anyone down with arrogant insults who dares to have the tememrity to disagree me" You're a total cunt and a massive downer on this great site, I hope you wake up tomorrow with boils all over your cock.
  11. DooooodekNo5


    You posting that picture was pure bluenose behaviour, absolutely to a tee, you speak a lot of sense on the football too, anyway... Your post is something I see written in the puke inducing Guardian a million times over, it's all personal attacks on him and you saying that they'll disappear into oblivion blah blah ZzzZZzzz, very little if any mention of their policies and what they mean, good or bad, change the record and get some new material, stop copy and pasting from the Guardian, it's drivel. What do you make of your deputy leader in that video above? Do you think it's racist/Xenephobic?