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  1. Adebisi

    Happy random acts of kindness day

    When I was on an art course for mature students I met this lad who looked about 40 and dressed like he was off to the dales. In the pissing rain. He was actually only 23, had zero interest or talent for art and was probably only there to get the dole off his back. The stuff he'd draw wouldn't look out of place on a nursery wall. I'm not exaggerating either. He loved his trucks and boats and would bore the pants off you telling you about them. He had a good heart though and would always take the piss out of me for flirting with the young lasses at the college (I was 22) so he was alright in my book. I lost touch with him when we left college because he wasn't on Facebook and such. I bumped into him last weekend though when I was out with the dog. I had no idea he was even living round this way. He made me take his number and we arranged to go for a pint and honestly I had no intention on going for it. I was just trying to be nice. I didn't even think he'd get in touch either. Anyway he did and he asked me to go for one today. Feeling pretty miserable lately it was the last thing I wanted to do but for some reason I went along with it..maybe to get myself out the house maybe, maybe cos I saw it as a chance to bore someone with my woes, who knows Instead he told me all about his woes. Turns out his mum had passed away, he'd lost his dog shortly after too and his dad still wasn't able to work and probably never will be. He used to tell me all about how all he wanted in life was to move to Scotland with his family. No other real dream or hope in life bar that. The fact he didn't get that broke my heart and I had to stop myself from bursting into tears. I sat with him for 2 and a half hours and it wasn't exactly good for my mood but it seemed to do him some good. His days usually just consist of watching tele with his dad and doing his job search. I ended up getting in touch with my old boss and managed to get him a few shifts washing pots in the easter holidays with a possibility of a job in the summer if he does well. I'm not gonna tell him until a bit closer to the date just in case it was to fall through for some reason, which is unlikely but also because I don't have it in me to get too chummy with him right now. I'm on a bit of a downer myself and I don't think it'd do me any good
  2. Adebisi

    Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

    Makes you wonder how much an 18 year old Rooney would go for in today's market. Deli Alli went for next to nothing and is probably worth about 50 million now. It's no wonder clubs are wanting crazy prices for their youngsters.
  3. I don't think you need to be all that mobile as a number 10. It would depend on who he had around him though tbf. He's not gonna work as a 9 or 10 here, but in he could still do a job for a team breaking into the top 6. I could see him going to a West Ham and getting 15-20 goals, but it's different there. Less pressure and less playing against teams with 10 men behind the ball. Whatever happens we're never getting that old Sturridge back so best for everyone if he's moved on. If we have any sense we'll ask for some first dibs on some talented youngsters from wherever he ends up because we're probably not gonna end up with that 30-40 million..even in today's market
  4. Adebisi

    De-extinction of the Mammoth

    The zoos are full. Beat it mammoths. Coming over here stealing the awe and wonder usually reserved for whales, Elephants and such.
  5. I got the new Football manager a few weeks ago and thought it was pretty telling that he's even shite on there. 13 for pace. Yikes. I still feel pretty bad for him despite his millions. I'm sure they provide some comfort but in 10 or 20 years time I doubt he'll be looking back and thinking 'at least I've got my money.' Whether you think he's a shit-house or not, it must take some tole on a person mentally to have your body knackered at 26 and be a constant source of ridicule and abuse. I just don't see what's next for him. Maybe he'd work out better as number 10 for somebody.
  6. Adebisi

    Roberto Firmino

    I reckon he'd have about 10 more goals if Cou didn't get injured and Mane didn't go away on international duty.
  7. Adebisi

    Clattenburg memories

    I was looking at his driving plates (C19TTS) thinking 'what the fuck does that mean?' Then I got it and cringed harder than when I saw his tattoos, which was pretty fucking hard.
  8. Adebisi

    Other football 2016/17.

    Feel bad for Wenger. He's brought a lot of this on himself and he'd be mental to stay on another season but his players let him down time and time again.
  9. Adebisi


    I've unfollowed or deleted anyone I wouldn't stop and chat with in the street and it's still just non stop bullocks. It's just a place for people with no real life to speak of to spout and share bollocks. Omg I can't believe this is happening! What an absolute disgrace plz share!!! *posts link to article from 2008* I can understand when you're in school or college, fear of missing out and all that, but grown men and women checking more than once or twice a day? Somethings wrong there. That's not normal behaviour
  10. Adebisi

    Kate Upton NSFW

    I've got a better arse than her. Does she even squat?
  11. Adebisi

    Loris Karius

    https://postimg.org/image/ehl2gpy9x/ Getting dropped for Mig has aged him 20 years
  12. I like Henderson and think on his day he's a very good player, we probably don't see it enough, but I believe he'll become a vital player for us in the next season or two. Get a box to box midfielder along side him and Lallana and we'll be in business. With that said, good on him for calling the meeting but why the club thought the public should know about it now boggles my mind. If we end up finishing second, then fair enough, talk about it then, but after 1 win? What if we lose our next game or the one after that? And yeah, not sure why people are still looking at the captaincy and thinking it means that much anymore. I honestly can't think of a captain in the league that makes me think 'wow what a leader. I wish we had that' those days are long gone.
  13. Adebisi

    Summer 2017 Transfer Thread

    Andre Gray, Demarai Gray and Ben Chillwell.. There's your 75 million for the summer. See you next year.
  14. Adebisi


    Sometimes in this league all you need is some pace to cause havoc. Im shocked we didn't give him a go considering our lack of options. He must have looked shite in training though for Klopp to not even bother trying to develop his skills.
  15. Adebisi

    Other football 2016/17.

    I reckon a fair few of their players would welcome relegation. Probably all manner of clauses in their contracts. Chillwell and Gray have obvious talent but you're looking at 20 million each in today's market even if they do get relegated