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    Thankfully I can't see any way that it could be us. Surely it would have shown up during due diligence at take over.
  2. ManxRed

    Harry fucking Redknapp

    Can't decide if I want him to get off so he leaves Spurs for the England job OR whether I would prefer to see him banged up and unable to manage Spurs. :whoops:
  3. ManxRed

    FA Cup 4th Round draw

    I think of it more as booing a player who called Suarez a "South American sister shagger" or whatever it was he admitted to.
  4. ManxRed

    Evra accuses Suarez of racism

    I reckon it will be a 3 game ban in which case we should not appeal as long as the first game he misses is Wigan, he will then miss Blackburn and Newcastle butwe should still manage 7 points. That would mean he will be back for City on 3rd Jan. Still hoping he walks away with a slapped wrist with a 3 game ban to Evra for lying - NO WAY did Suarez say Negrito or whatever 10 times.
  5. ManxRed

    gerrard blow

  6. ManxRed

    kenny press conference today

    I would happily take a club fine of £20k for crowding the ref as we do it very rarely. BUT from here on in ensure there is massive pressure on the FA to impose proportional fines on the Mancs and Chavs every time they do it. Repeat offences of course require sterner penalties. Time to think about it a bit and play the long game.
  7. ManxRed

    Today's Other Games

    I'll have a semi if we get city.
  8. ManxRed

    Chelsea CC QF

    Made up for Martin
  9. ManxRed

    Chelsea CC QF

    Get the fuck in Maxi
  10. ManxRed

    Chelsea CC QF

    No way are Chelsea going to keep 11 players on the pitch.
  11. ManxRed

    Is Slur Alex losing the plot?

    Unfortunately he is not losing the plot, he is extremely shrewd and calculating and got exactly what he wanted. The sooner he retires the better.
  12. ManxRed

    Tevez Suspended

    2 weeks fine for not playing 2 weeks fine for being ugly twat 2 weeks fine for being a former Manc etc etc Is that how it works?
  13. ManxRed

    are refs corrupt in our league

    Certainly works for the Mancs :wallbutt:
  14. ManxRed


    Absolutely right.