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  1. skrtel,johnson and allen , get them off carp
  2. Aj the red

    Going backwards

    Beg to differ, ramires had his shirt luis did the right thing and forked him off.
  3. Aj the red

    Arsenal (Home) - 03/03/'12

    same old same old,say no more.Dominate and get nothing thats us all over. We are never going to be competitive for the top if we dont take our chances.You cant miss chances like kelly did today friggin diabolical.
  4. Aj the red

    Bolton away match thread

    Adam awful,shocking display so far
  5. Aj the red

    January Transfer window 2012

    Wouldnt be buying him for goals , i think he would be a great in the lucas position.
  6. Aj the red

    January Transfer window 2012

    I think Dembele would be a great shout , watched him a few times now, very quick strong and good on the ball
  7. Aj the red

    STOKE (A)

    Adam what a waste of space today , always giving the ball away
  8. Aj the red

    West Ham(a) match thread

    i would take wilson off and stick GJ there too
  9. Aj the red

    Fulham (home) - 26/01/2011

    why is skrtel such an idiot , he is an accident waiting to happen constantly ffs
  10. Aj the red

    Game Thread: Trabzonspor (a)

    we only need 1 goal :)
  11. Aj the red

    Game Thread: Trabzonspor (a)

    we have had a good 5-10 mins now
  12. Aj the red

    Game Thread: Trabzonspor (a)

    the suprise apparently is something to do with the clubs postcode? thats what i just heard
  13. Aj the red

    Game Thread: Trabzonspor (a)

    how can you pass and move with a load of donkeys on the pitch
  14. Aj the red

    British players Roy could sign

    Yeh lets burn him at the steak already , he clearly aint good enough
  15. Aj the red


    Pellegrini must be one of the top targets surly? i hope so anyway