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  1. rebel23

    How would we fare against Barcelona?

    we're a good team too...
  2. rebel23

    How would we fare against Barcelona?

    I'm confident we'd do them if our 1st choice defence was fit
  3. rebel23

    Rafa on sky sports

    And Charlie Nicholas says... "No one can keep Messi quiet at the Nou Camp" Rafa should send him the 2007 DVD..
  4. rebel23

    Steve Clarke

    need to get him and Kenny signed up ASAP before they get poached, have we learned nothing about contracts from the good old days when Parry was in charge
  5. rebel23

    Agger: I would never sign for...

    Agger has always been ace, a loyal and talented servant, shame about the injuries but he still has many years ahead of him and I hope he wins lots of trophies with us lets not forget defenders improve with age and experience. it's hard to imagine he's been here 5 years now..
  6. it can't be done like that every time, it's the crowd captured in the moment of a big occasion after witnessing something truly historic. It's spontaneous and magnificent.
  7. Cinema offers in excess of 90 mins of entertainment for dramatically less than it costs for a football game. If Arse can fill their stadium with 60 quid tickets good for them, i doubt in the future they will be able to maintain it particularly if the country is in bad shape economically The football bubble will burst and clubs will no longer be able to charge ridiculous entrance fee's, otherwise they will find the ground empty. I do not consider a football game good value so refuse to attend until the prices adjust themselves to something a bit more realistic. More people will do this especially if they feel squeezed and the people running football clubs need to understand changing trends and react to those otherwise they will suffer the consequences.
  8. Going to a football game should cost no more than going to the cinema, £10 tops if they had 70k stadium and an anticipated 35k attendance, they would have to flog the tickets at a tenner or less This is great news for fans, locals and kids. Indeed, the more they try and charge 40-50 quid a ticket the more empty seats they're going to see anyway but presently the club prefer to cut their nose off to spite their face by maintaining unsustainable pricing levels. A bigger capacity would force them to get creative which can only benefit the fans If you want to sit in a large, comfortable air conditioned box and dine with a legend then it should cost £100+
  9. that's because they charge 40 quid a ticket and we're no where the top
  10. also more seats = cheaper tickets, fans should pressure them into building bigger capacity because it means they have to fill it which means ticket prices would probably have to HALVE for a lot of games, which means more locals and kids going. SOS should really be lobbying hard for the new stadium
  11. we definitely need a new stadium expandable up to 70-80k and with brand spanking top class corporate facilities and so on in order to grow the revenues, think the next 20, 30 and 40 years and we need it. Anfield is just not suitable any more and even if it can be redeveloped the costs and disruption make it barely worth it, we should just start from scratch with the one decent thing the texan left us
  12. rebel23

    Yes! Sky Sports are screwed!

    Big long diatribe i went on there (one sentence) silverlining This message is hidden because silverlining is on your ignore list. I suggest everyone tries it
  13. The crippling rates they charge pubs are about to come crashing down. - Ban on foreign football satellite feeds is illegal, says European Court adviser Published 11:27 03/02/11 By MirrorFootball UK broadcasters cannot prevent viewers using foreign satellite feeds to watch Premier League football matches, an adviser to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has said. In a move that could have major ramifications for the Premier League, Sky Sports and ESPN, ECJ advocate general Juliane Kokott has said a such a block is against European law. Currently Premier League football is shown live in other countries on a Saturday afternoon, but that is banned in the UK to protect attendance figures. To get around this, some viewers - especially pubs - use foreign feeds to screen matches. But the authorities could soon be powerless to stop them if the European Court of Justice follows advice from Ms Kokott. They are expected to make a ruling in the next few months, and typically follow the advice of the advocate general in the majority of cases. Ms Kokott said: "The exclusivity agreement relating to transmission of football matches are contrary to European Union law. "(The) exclusivity rights in question have the effect of partitioning the internal market into quite separate national markets, something which constitutes a serious impairment of the freedom to provide services." The case is based on a dispute over whether a rights holder - such as the Premier League - can sell rights to football on a country-by-country basis. The Premier League currently generates huge revenues by doing just that. Read more: Ban on foreign football satellite feeds is illegal, says European Court adviser - News - MirrorFootball.co.uk
  14. rebel23

    Luis Suarez

    it's nice to have a top class player who comes to the club and is able to hit the ground running it restores my faith in the club and in football in general it also makes it easier to forget Torres onwards and upwards is the appropriate expression. Suarez is 24 so plenty more to come