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  1. TopMod

    Northern Ireland Politics (The Robinsons)

    Agreed, no problem there. The fact we've now got a convicted killer as a government advisor would worry me alot more.
  2. TopMod

    Northern Ireland Politics (The Robinsons)

    Can't stand her like all other religious nutters, but she's the least of our problems. At least she never murdered anyone.
  3. TopMod

    Best Quote of the Season

    On the last day of the season, we used to walk around Anfield with trophies, now they've got cameras and mobile phones.- Ian St John
  4. TopMod

    Fulham v Liverpool

    Possibly the first half away to West Ham, came alive in the 2nd though.
  5. TopMod

    Domestic Violence

    She might have self esteem but she must be awfully stupid.
  6. TopMod

    Domestic Violence

    Lived in East Belfast for a while in the 90's, a decent enough part. One night we were sitting in the house watching TV and we heard this mad banging noise outside. The 2 of us looked out the front door and saw this huge fella banging on his front door 2 doors up. I'd seen this lad a few times before in nearby shops and that, seemed dead on. Everyone was looking out their doors and windows, this wound the fella up more, started shouting at his closest neighbour. Had a chat with the woman next door, she said he was like this every so often, dead quite for months and then he'd go mad on the drink. The police arrived really quickly and his wife opened the door as they arrived. He grabbed her and started thumping her, got her down on the ground, kicking her, just went mad. Their kids were screaming, the cops jumped on him and he started fighting them. There were 2 cops initially but another car arrived with 3 more including a police woman. They literally had to beat the shit out of him with their batton things. Eventually they got him down and got cuffs on him. As they putting him in the car, the wife jumped on one of the cops screaming "leave him alone you bastards". She starting punching him and then hit the police woman full in the face. The kids were still screaming and crying, the whole scene was just mad. They eventually got him in one car and put her in the other. The neighbour took the 4 kids in to her house, the cops left and we went back in. Couldn't really believe what happened, did the usual speculating of what would now happen, social workers getting involved, court case etc. A couple of days later met the fella on the street coming back from the shops with a couple of his kids heading back to his house with bags of groceries. Couldn't believe it. The house next door on the right was owned by the housing executive and they used it to put in women who'd left their partners or families who'd had to move for one reason or another. One weekend we could hear really loud shouting, kid's crying etc. It got so bad, we could actually hear the woman screaming as some fella was beating her. The kid's were basically screaming now so my mate who's quite handy knocked the front door, this little shit came out all mad, typical cunt with small man's syndrome. He was all hyped up and had a go at my mate. My mate kocked shit out of him, put him back in their hallway. Next minute his wife or girlfriend came screaming out telling him to fuck off and mind his own business. Of course I was right behind him backing him up. We phoned the cops, never noticed if they ever arrived or not but the family just disappeared. Went to work on monday, they were gone when I got back. What do you do, I just feel sorry for the kids, they haven't a chance.
  7. TopMod

    Summer 2011

    From IFA website. SIXTEEN-year-old Ryan McLaughlin has had an action-packed year. The Northern Ireland Under-17 international helped his school Saint Mary's to Senior Cup success on Saint Patrick's Day and makes the move to Liverpool this summer. On the international front, however the talented full-back has just as much to look forward to. McLaughlin is currently in Belgium with the rest of Paul Kee's Under-17 squad for a UEFA European U17 Championship Elite Round mini tournament. A member of last year's squad, McLaughlin believes that experience can only be a good thing. “Having that experience is very useful, you have that experience and you know what you're up against and you know what you've got to look forward to. “There are a couple of us, including Gareth Deane who have a year behind us and that will certainly help us. Hopefully it can help Paul (Kee) and Paschal (Vaudequin) to have us on board. “It will be great to test ourselves against some of the best sides in the world. I believe we still have enough quality to mix it with the best. With a positive attitude anything can happen. In the last campaign we dealt well, even when we without key players. The 6-1 win against Azerbaijan showed this.” The former Lisburn Youth and Glenavon player shares this optimism for his own career. “Things are going really well. I've signed for Liverpool on a three year contract and move over later this year. Hopefully I can play well over there and do enough to earn a renewal of my contract and we'll see where things go.”
  8. My kids will have to rename their hamster.
  9. 1. Suarez 2. Spearing 3. Carragher
  10. TopMod

    TLW membership

    Thanks, I'll check my emails when I get home. I only use the internet in work and this is the only Liverpool site that's not blocked. Can't believe the 6 months is up, time flies as you get older.
  11. TopMod

    TLW membership

    My membership must have ended, seemed a very quick 6 months. Do we not get a warning?